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CIS Group Unveils Aggressive Expansion Plans for its Distribution Business, Hiperdist in MEA

The CIS Group has announced the opening of its state-of-the-art facilities for its distribution business arm Hiperdist in Dubai with aggressive expansion plans. The new wholly owned premises are located at Boulevard Plaza Tower – 1 in Emaar Square in Downtown Dubai and are now fully operational.

Dr. Antoine Kareh, the Group CEO, said, “Hiperdist has been an established player in Africa and commands nearly 35% of our business. The company is now positioning strongly in the Middle East, especially the UAE market, in addition to expanding further in Africa. We have made a significant investment in our new owned facility in Dubai that has been designed to facilitate and leverage this growth and expansion for the company while providing greater support to our global network with a broader geographic coverage in the MEA region. It is definitely one of the fastest growing markets in the world and will continue to evolve. We are targeting a growth of 15% per year in these new markets.”

Dr. Antoine Kareh, CIS Group CEO.

Hiperdist is a leading technology distributor and solution provider spanning multiple markets and application segments. The company began operations in the UAE in 2014. Santosh Sansare, General Manager of Hiperdist, stated, “Since the beginning we have enjoyed exceptional success at Hiperdist UAE, registering an average growth of 25% per year. Our latest facility in Emaar Square gives us a definite competitive edge and will allow us to meet the demands of the new technologies while accelerating our planned expansion. Some of the major brands that we currently have in our portfolio include Synology, ZOTAC and G.Skill, CANON, LENOVO, AVAYA, VERTIV, ACER, ASUS, VIEWSONIC. In addition, at a group level we have been working with ORACLE, CISCO, VMWARE, NETAPP to name just a few.”

Hiperdist is at the forefront of the latest advancements and has made major inroads in the arena working with brands offering the most innovative products. Sansare stressed, “The market is changing and the opportunities for us going forward are huge. We are witnessing excellent growth driven by innovation across all our main markets. Looking ahead, there is going to be more rapid development of innovative solutions globally and more sophisticated end-users to drive superior results. Therefore, inventive technology is at the heart of our multi-faceted business approach. Our strategy is to focus on ‘new innovative brands’ or ‘innovative quarter’ from established brands. We want to enable them in the Middle East and Africa distributing more innovative products into more markets.”

Santosh Sansare, General Manager of Hiperdist.

Elaborating on the company’s core strengths, Dr. Kareh, said, “Our number one objective is to add value to our partners by finding ways to help them gain bigger market share and that’s how we differentiate ourselves from our competitors. There are very few specialists in the marketplace that have the ability to serve manufacturers in more than 30 countries across MEA. And by this we do not only mean large multinationals. There are far too many regional or smaller brands who want to grow but don’t have the means to do so and we enable them by providing an efficient and effective go to market strategy with an innovative and a feasible business framework. At Hiperdist we certainly know the market and have the success factors needed to grow including a great team, extensive experience and a suitable portfolio of products. In addition, we have the resources to respond quickly to new competitive threats, whether these come from existing competitors or from new entrants into the market.”

The bar has been set higher for distribution and cloud services are one of the fastest growing segments of the industry. Dr. Kareh, stated, “Cloud has surfaced as one of the biggest challenges for our industry and the complexity reaches an all-time high due to new business models, platform integrations and automation. At Hiperdist we are fully equipped to meet market requirements as new technologies evolve. Since its inception, Hiperdist has earned an outstanding reputation by delivering superior quality products and providing extensive value-added offerings and services to its channel partners and customers. Our success is built on credibility. We will continue to find ways to help our network of brands grow at the required pace.”

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