Eaton Launches UL-Certified Network Card

Eaton has launched its first UL certified network card, the Gigabit Network M2. This launch marks the expansion of Eaton’s cybersecurity program and collaboration with global safety science organization UL establishing measurable cybersecurity criteria for network-connected power management products and systems. New UL cybersecurity certification for Eaton’s connected uninterruptible power supply (UPS) technology demonstrates the company’s worldwide capabilities to meet stringent specifications and customer expectations for safe, secure power management in increasingly connected environments.

As Eaton’s latest Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS) connectivity device, the Gigabit Network M2 empowers IT professionals with new capabilities and superior speed, while ensuring the highest level of defense against emerging cybersecurity threats and meeting the stringent UL 2900-2-2 security standard. Development of the Gigabit Network M2 followed Eaton’s overarching “secure by design” philosophy, a deeply embedded approach that manages cybersecurity risks throughout the entire product lifecycle.

The Gigabit Network M2 improves power system reliability by warning administrators of issues and enabling the orderly, graceful shutdown of servers and storage. The device is also compatible with Eaton’s Intelligent Power Manager (IPM) software and optional second-generation monitoring probes, enabling it to improve business continuity and strengthen data center resilience. For instance, in the event of power or environmental anomalies, the Gigabit Network M2 can trigger policies configured to keep mission critical applications running.

In a world that’s becoming ever smarter and more connected, security and trust are top priorities. Nowhere is this truer than in the data center. As home to the most business-critical information and applications, these facilities make attractive targets for cybercriminals. As a result, organizations must work harder than ever to make their data centers as secure and resilient as possible.

While UPS systems have long been critical to ensuring data center continuity and disaster recovery, it’s now normal for them to have public cloud connectivity. This delivers benefits around network monitoring and optimization, improving overall reliability and enabling the UPS to be used for energy storage, or as part of a UPS-as-a-Reserve solution. Yet, greater UPS connectivity also offers a way into the data center and it’s an attack vector that cybercriminals have exploited in the past. A compromised UPS can endanger resilience, enable intelligence gathering on a site’s power consumption, or act as a launch pad for further network intrusions.

As cyberthreats become more prevalent and sophisticated, it’s vital to ensure the UPS doesn’t offer an entry point.Eaton’s secure development lifecycle ensures products are “secure by design”. The Gigabit Network M2 is engineered to protect data center UPS and power distribution units (PDUs) against cyberthreats throughout its lifetime. To accomplish this feat, Eaton closely collaborated with renowned standards leader, UL, as part of a global joint effort between its Power Quality Division (PQD) and Cybersecurity Center of Excellence (CSCE).

With the industry’s first test lab approved to participate in UL’s Cybersecurity Assurance Program, and a second lab recently approved, Eaton can rigorously assess its products for compliance with both UL 2900-1 and 2900-2-2 standards. The Gigabit Network M2 is now UL Certified to the UL 2900-2-2 standard. Its cybersecurity enhancements include stronger encryption, configurable password policies and the use of signed digital certificates. In addition, the device is compatible with today’s widespread Gigabit network switches and can be installed in Gigabit-only data center networks.

“After a lot of hard work, dedication and close cooperation between our teams worldwide, we’re thrilled that the Gigabit Network M2 has gained UL certification”, says Eric Rueda, Eaton’s software and connectivity product line manager, Power Quality Division, Electrical Sector EMEA. “This is an achievement that really demonstrates the power of combining the specialized expertise and resources across our business.”

“In a world of ubiquitous connectivity, trusted environments are crucial”, continues Eric Rueda. “Our customers don’t want to take chances with their systems.That’s why cybersecurity is part of our DNA at Eaton. We see security as a continuous journey and our approach is designed to safeguard products across the entire product development lifecycle, so cybercriminals can’t get a foothold. With products tested in our specialized labs to UL’s stringent standards, we can ensure customers can connect their world with confidence.”

“As industries introduce more and smarter connected technologies that further interlink everyday life, trust is becoming increasingly important”, Rueda concludes. “We need to turn the Internet of Things into a safe Internet for Beings—and our collaborative efforts are helping to make that happen.”

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