Inkjet is the Future

Jason Whiley, Epson’s Regional Director of Sales, speaks to Arabian Reseller about how the inkjet technology has matured over the years and what’s in store for the upcoming years for the tech

Tell us about your innovations in the printing industry.
So in terms of printing, Epson is a leader in inkjet technology. We developed the micro piezo technology 30 years ago, and we followed up that with the introduction of the Epson Precision core technology. We have been focusing on a range of business printers, right from devices that offer print speeds of 25 ppm, all the way up to 100 ppm. We also offer printers with ink tank systems and continuous ink supply systems. So our mission has been to continuously educate our customers and partners, in order to help them shift from the traditional laser technology to inkjet. Inkjet has a wide range of benefits. One such benefit is sustainability. To power an inkjet you need just 30W, compared with 1KW for laser printers. So it is all about the value proposition we bring to the table.

How has the response been for your ink tank system printers?
It all started with the consumer printers actually. Several years ago we released our first printers with ink bottle systems. Buying those printers meant, you could get up to three years worth of printing without having to buy a cartridge. We have seen a huge uptake in “green” products such as our ink tank system printers. Businesses now see the business benefits in being sustainable. They are able to lower running costs, power consumption, reduced wastage and so on, and that all adds up on a longer run.

Where is the inkjet technology headed right now?
To put it plain and simple, inkjet is the future. The merits of the technology over laser is quite clear. Ink is non-toxic, there is no emission, and you end up consuming very less power.  Clearly, inkjet is the technology of choice. As we increase the range of inkjet products, we start meeting the needs of all users, across all segments and that’s when you will see that shift towards inkjet getting even more.

How do you drive the value proposition of your products into the market?
Epson is a technology company. We provide both hardware and software to companies that provide managed print services and so on. Over that last few months, our objective has been to increase our partner network and work with companies that have the capability of offering full-fledged solutions to their customers. We are a channel-driven company – we do not work directly with customers. As such, we drive our value proposition through our channel partners. We work with companies providing contact based installations, and that is the trend. Through our partners, we help companies move away from CAPEX, into OPEX investments. This makes running costs more manageable and you can actually tailor the solution, more specifically to the needs of the customer. So that trend will more likely continue.

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