ECS to Show Off IoV and IoT Solutions at Embedded World

Elitegroup Computer Systems (ECS) has announced its participation at the “Embedded World 2019” at Hall 3A, booth number 3A-123 , Exhibition Centre Nuremberg, Germany, from 26th to 28th February. ECS will be hosting a booth during the exhibition, showcasing the latest smart solutions including our innovative IoV solutions, IoT solution with a series of successful cases for environmental control, and so on.

Due to the technological improvements and stricter emissions standards, electric cars have become the mainstream in the modern society. ECS IoV solutions and smart charger were designed for an eco-friendly environment and it’s one of the core business lines of ECS. The product design and development are aiming to the trend of automobile energy saving, intelligent connectivity and high-speed integration system, such as Smart Cockpit, connected mobility, ADAS Peripheral to provide a complete smart automotive electronic system solution and technical foundation for the future of transportation.

ECS will present our latest Smart Parking system, which can help owners and government agencies to track and manage related outdoor parking conditions. ECS will present the LIVA smart charger that offers simplicity and scalability with 40 and 80Amp options. It can be deployed as a standalone unit or in a cluster of many chargers sharing the same power source with intelligent load management.

The features include plug-n-Charge, automatic and secure payment via multiple methods, Optimized load management for parking lot, fleet charging, and energy mix optimization to maximize the use of renewable energy sources and storage. Furthermore, ECS Connected Mobility Solution is to offer various options for optimized users’ logistic management and covering multiple segments of intelligent transportation systems.

And ECS Smart Cockpit Solution integrates the advanced technologies and driver oriented human machine interface to create a seamless connection between human, vehicle and the road. ECS is focusing on building the best connected mobility terminal products which suitable for automobiles in the era of the connected vehicle and providing the best platform for the entire telematics era.

Utility consumption, particularly electricity, is one of the largest expenses affecting businesses profitability and competitiveness. As facilities implement evolving energy technology, a proper strategy to optimize electricity usage, consumption, efficiency, and cost is necessary to improve bottom line for businesses. ECS will present our innovative environment monitoring solution featuring LoRa gateway sensors which collects real-time data for solar power generation system.

ECS environment monitoring solution not only ensures the best implementation in existing systems but also in future environments. ECS Smart Energy management system can collect the information such as power generation status and power consumption through ESS, smart meters, and solar inverters. The information will be stored and analysis in the cloud (Azure). The real-time measurement system and AI control interface will effectively reduce the transmission power loss and carbon emission.

In addition, ECS air quality management can help with the improvement of the environment and air quality, which helps adhere to government regulations. The initial concept of air monitoring is to promote the government’s circular economy, ecological park development policy, and environmentally friendly transformation project. By monitoring CO2 and PM2.5 from sensors, our solution effectively helps protect human health and the environment from the harmful effects of air pollution, assisting our clients in implementing programs for pollution control and creating a better and healthier environment.

ECS will also introduce our Photovoltaic foreign object detection system at Embedded World 2019.Since the effectiveness of solar panels are always the topic for owners to manage and optimize, especially in remote areas, ECS has collaborated with Intel® CV technology – Movidius to build a perfectly light-weight inference model for PV FOD process. By using the real-time panel surface monitor, it can reduce the maintenance cost and efficiently manage power generation. The computer vision solution can help detecting foreign objects on the PV and further classification. The solution can be the best tool for solar panel management and is easily implemented.

ECS will introduce the new generation of LIVA mini PCs at Embedded World 2019. The mini PCs not only can be used for home entertainments, smart offices, schools, but also have been implemented successfully in E-banking solutions. With LIVA ZE Plus mini PC as the necessary hardware, further provide effective usability and seamless user experience of E-banking solution. It could support ‘’TWCA’’ certificated software, providing enhanced dealing security and it also leverages SSL credentials to provide seamless secured user experience for E-banking purposes. The ECS LIVA mini PC series are all designed to be space-saving while outperforming the traditional bulky computers, making it also an excellent option for use in cloud-based operation, workstation, or mini server system.

As artificial Intelligence has begun to play an important role in everyday life, ECS has implemented AI technologies in LIVA Mini PC production and designs to create much more cost-efficient and advanced platforms. The new generation of LIVA M520 has a built-in Intel AI engine. It was designed to have low power consumption, and features with WiFi connectivity as well as RS232 ports. While the hardware has a small form factor, it has all the functions and capabilities of AI PC’s. LIVA M520 can help you gain access to AI platform faster and easier.

In addition, ECS has launched a new Mini PC with powerful AMD CPU built-in. This new addition provides the capability of multi-threaded performance. Users can now multitask and execute processes concurrently, which improve the experiences for gaming and streaming, especially with the added the capabilities for high quality video editing and fast video encoding. ECS will also unveil our first Amazon Alexa built-in PC, and users can interact with Alexa in the same way as with other devices, such as listening to your favorite music and checking your schedule. Our smart solutions help bring convenience to your smart living with the new generation AI systems.

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