STC Signs Agreement with Netscout to Strengthen Cyber Defense Capabilities

STC has partnered with Netscout to strengthen cyber defense capabilities to protect the infrastructure against service disrupting Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS). This prompted STC to take proactive measures to enhance the detection and mitigation capabilities to ensure the availability of the network resources.  STC can provide the highest level of DDoS protection to its clients and partners in the Middle East & North Africa.

“Cyber resilience is critical in the age of IoT, Cloud, Digital Economies and increasing Digital Transformation”, says Yasser Alswailem, General Manager Cyber Security for STC. “DDoS’ frequency, scale, and accuracy are reason why many hackers choose it for their attacks against a target. As a result of our expanded Netscout deployment, we can perform mitigation in a larger and more automated way that is simpler and faster.”

Netscout’s Arbor Sightline solution provides comprehensive network visibility and reporting capabilities to help STC detect and understand availability threats, and improve traffic engineering, peering relationships and service performance. STC works closely with STC Solutions to train cyber security professionals who will manage the Netscout solution that is deployed within STC network as well as infrastructures of its clients and partners.

A vital component of the Netscout DDoS solution, Arbor TMS, supports a mitigation architecture called diversion/reinjection. Arbor TMS removes only the malicious traffic and forwards the legitimate traffic to its intended destination. This is highly advantageous for service providers, large enterprises and large hosting/cloud providers because it enables a single, centrally located Arbor TMS to protect multiple links and multiple data centers. The result is a more efficient use of mitigation capacity and fully non-intrusive security.

“Through proactive monitoring, customers who subscribe to DDoS Protection service are protected from such attacks and provided with clean Internet in a manner where only malicious traffic is intercepted and handled, so as to maintain business continuity and resiliency,” commented Fahad Aljutaily, VP Cyber Security for STC Solutions, the delivery arm of STC Business.

“Cloud-hosted and offered as a managed service, the service does not require the installation of any special equipment at the customer premises, although appliances are available for multi-layered protection should clients prefer this kind of setup. The service is offered on a monthly basis, with no upfront or capital expenditure costs, allowing companies to shift to an OPEX based model, thereby have more control and predictability over their IT costs,” added Aljutaily.

“Our solutions are designed to provide our enterprise customers with the best DDoS protection they may require in light of the modern cyber security threats they are facing. Partnering with STC Group and supporting their clients in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia by strengthening their infrastructures will allow us to add value to the regional network security,” said Mohammad Alyousef Netscout’s Regional Sales Manager in the Middle East & North Africa.

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