Capillary Achieves PCI DSS Certification

Capillary Technologies has achieved the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS) certification, to ensure that their customers’ data is highly secure at all times, no matter where they shop. The PCI DSS certification mandates organizations to have a secure network with more than 300 data protection procedures and standards including firewalls, antivirus, SIEM, and Data Loss Prevention, in addition to ongoing scans and vulnerability assessments every quarter.

“Being a CRM, Loyalty and an eCommerce platform provider means that Capillary is involved in financial transactions in one form or another while holding sensitive customer information and business data,” said Shailendra Singh, CISO at Capillary Technologies. “To put this into perspective, we process around US$15 billion worth of happy retail purchases every year for more than 400 brands across 30 countries. The onus is on us to keep this sensitive data secure and give our customers peace of mind. The way forward was to ensure that we meet world-class data security standards and the PCI DSS Certification is one way to ensure that our customers are always consumer ready and that their data is safe at all times.”

In the post GDPR era, data security has become a key concern for consumers and organizations alike. With the advent of the digital ‘shopping universe’ consumers now have access to a number of touch points to interact with their favorite brands and retailers. This trend has led to a rapid increase in consumer data being generated in the form of financial and personal data and buying preferences. Additional data generated instore by AI-driven footfall counters takes this data to a new level and includes details like facial recognition, demographics, height, etc which results in brands, retailers and e-commerce platforms storing more and more sensitive data. Ensuring their customer data is secure has become a paramount concern.

With the region’s E-commerce sector booming, it is expected to be worth US$69 billion by 2020, almost doubling in size in just a few years, according to PayFort. This translates into E-commerce platforms possessing billions worth of sensitive customer data and raises the urgent need for brands to ensure this data is secure. The PCI DSS certification is focused on technical evaluation of an organization to ensure that its architecture is well-designed to minimize security breaches. The certification is a significant accomplishment for Capillary Technologies in which it has demonstrated its commitment to ensuring the highest compliance to securing it’s customers’ data. Capillary Technologies is also ISO 27001:2013 certificated in addition to being PCI DSS Version 3.2.1 certified.

“As Capillary continues to grow and our products evolve, the need for being compliant with the most stringent security standards became our primary goal. Being PCI DSS compliant was one of them. Being PCI DSS compliant with its 300 plus standards helps organizations to ensure that the data is always protected and consumers can transact in a secure environment,” added Singh.

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