Education is Key When it Comes to Application of VAT

Arabian Reseller spoke to Vikas R. Panchal, the Associate Zone Head at Tally Solutions about how Tally’s products and solutions are helping businesses stay compliant with the application of VAT

Tall us about Tally and the products and solutions it offers on the market.
Tally has always been a pioneer in providing cutting-edge technologies for SMBs. We participated at the recently concluded GITEX Technology Week wherein we adopted the theme of “SMB growth”. At the event, we focused on what was important for the growth of SMBs and what sort of technologies could help them achieve that growth. We showcased Tally Prime at the event which is based on a completely new architecture and comes with lots of features including the ease of navigation, speed, flexibility, and so on.

How do you work with SMBs in the region to make sure their financial records are maintained optimally?
The SMB sector is the backbone of most major economies around the world. This is a sector that generates lots of data and they require reports which are helpful to them to give them better insights. These reports further help them in making better decisions which will help them grow and Tally does all that for them. Tally Prime is a solution that promises all that, along with all the features that Tally provides. It is an on-premise solution with the benefit of accessing it from anywhere.

What commitment does Tally have for the SMB sector?
We work on five principles when it comes to delivering top-notch solutions. These include simplicity, speed, security, flexibility, and reliability. These are the principles that act as a differentiator. Apart from that, our support mechanism is brilliant – we have a Tally Care number to help businesses with tech issues they might be facing with respect to our solutions. We also have a partner network of over 200 partners who are just a call away for any sort of help. In addition, we have a local team based out of UAE.

Who is the target audience for Tally?
Tally is meant for any SMB across any segment and any industry. While Tally is not a general product, it can be customised as per the needs of the company or the user. Our product comes in two variants – single and multi-user. Silver is a single user product, while Gold is multi-user.

With VAT coming into play for businesses in the UAE, what are the challenges involved?
With VAT one of the major challenges is education. As a provider of VAT-certified products, we make sure our users are educated about how and when VAT is applied. We have started doing events focused on accounting and application of VAT. We are enabling them with various compliances. We have enabled more than 20000 businesses till date with respect to VT compliance. In addition, so far, our customer base has ballooned to around 50,000 in the UAE itself.

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