HP Partners with Classera to Expand e-Learning Services

HP has signed a memorandum with Classera to provide e-learning solutions for students in the region. The partnership which took place at the Global Educational Supplies and Solutions (GESS) 2020 aims to create an ecosystem where smart hardware is coupled with cutting-edge software to support new teaching methodologies and empower all the key stakeholders in the classroom.

The aim of the partnership is to technologically support the education sector in the region by introducing ‘HP Digital Classroom’ which combines state-of-the-art hardware and software technology to enhance student and teacher in-class experience. Furthermore, ‘HP Digital Classroom’ caters to the growing demand for e-learning solutions that manage and deliver high-quality online classes. These digital classes are designed to enable students to excel in their studies to reach their full potential.

Commenting on the partnership, Mayank Dhingra, Education Lead for HP Inc. in the MENAT region said, “We are excited about our partnership with Classera as it brings us a step closer to providing world-class innovative solutions such as ‘HP Digital Classroom’ which is easily accessible and highly-effective for students in this region. Our education solutions are articulate and compelling. This framework gives us a unique differentiation point and sets our product apart from competitors.”

“We are excited about the partnership with HP, and the leading global provider of personal computing devices decision to work with Classera as the strategic partner in LMS opportunities,” said the CEO of Classera Inc, Mohammad Almadani. “This strategic partnership will create an unprecedented opportunity for both governmental and private education institutions to benefit from an end to end solution covering all their requirements in digital transformation space by tapping into the two companies’ experience serving eLearning. We will continue to work with our partners such as HP to disrupt the education ecosystem and make a greater impact on education institutions to help them deliver on their mission and reach their full potential.”

HP’s Digital Classroom proposition introduces three main software solutions aimed to create a progressive digital maturity ladder.

  • Classera: Revolving around the idea of student centricity, Classera will provide students with an engaging and gamified platform through easily accessible, adaptive and collaborative learning pathways.
  • Classroom Manager: HP Digital Classroom features a ‘Classroom Manager’ software that offers teachers real-time assessment and screen monitoring enabling them to have complete visibility and control on students’ work in the class. The software also provides face-to-face training for appointed Educational Channel partners.
  • TechPulse: The TechPulse software enables device diagnostics, application analytics, and predictive maintenance to provide complete IT governance.
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