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Infosysta Develops an E-Learning Management Solution

Infosysta, a multinational software integrator and provider, has provided an e-learning management solution that facilitated the shift in language communication. This has been instrumental for global shift to e-learning during the pandemic outbreak. In a virtual executive boardroom hosted by The Great Minds Group, Infosysta highlighted the educational challenges and potential solutions for institutions during social distancing.

The current Coronavirus situation has caused a significant disruption to the education providers, training and mobility opportunities for learners, teachers and educators leaving more than 1.2 billion learners affected globally. To ensure continuity in education and training activities, several schools have developed their own temporary platforms to quickly respond to the government mandate for remote learning. However, these systems will soon be deemed as unfit for future purpose.

Feras El Hajjar, the Founder and Chairman of Infosysta said: “This pandemic occurred suddenly and spread unexpectedly, forcing everyone to interact remotely using technology, and implement distance learning. Surprisingly, it was very difficult for adults to adapt to working from home and use technology efficiently. Whereas, younger generation adapted very quickly to e-learning as they are naturally much more agile when working with technology.”

Knowing that the educational system is the core of any society, Infosysta developed an E-Learning Management Solution that is based on the best-of-breed technology in the market. The system was designed to be more user friendly and to support Arabic language, as most programs do not support the Arabic language, because it shifts the platform from left to right and it requires a special setup. The system also took into consideration all the needed tools. Students and teachers can access these tools as well as parents who have been struggling to keep up with their younger children’s tasks and homework.

Infosysta is active in EMEA with offices in Dubai, Riyadh, Beirut, Cairo and London. The company’s primary mission is to provide institutions with complete end-to-end solutions. E-Learning has imposed itself on society during the pandemic as well as becoming a necessity for educational processes at all levels.

Infosysta and The Great Minds Group hosted a virtual executive boardroom on 18 May 2020 to highlight educational challenges during social distancing. The conference aimed to engage education providers in valuable conversations and share their optimising technology solutions for adapting to new challenges. This conference was organised as part of DigiConnect series that has been designed for industry professionals to share knowledge, insights and experiences.

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