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Immense Opportunities With Regards to Digital Transformation

Mutaz Al Hersh, the Business Development Manager for KSA and Jordan at Kingston Technology, speaks about the state of digital transformation underway in the region

Is digital transformation underway in the region?
Digital transformation is one of the top priorities for any country in the world. In the region, a wave of digital transformation is taking place in all industries. Countries such as UAE, Saudi Arabia, and Jordan are implementing and embracing emerging technologies rapidly and we can see an evolving change and a solid infrastructure to keep digital transformation underway.

What sort of opportunities do you see for both vendors and partners in this area?
There are immense opportunities for vendors and partners with regard to digital transformation. Traditional processes are being replaced with digital processes, and work models are being revised and implemented. With evolving technologies, more time is being dedicated to the development, as technologies are increasing workflow efficiencies, reducing errors, and increasing flexibility and performance. Digital Transformation implemented has also increased the satisfaction for beneficiaries, in turn improving viability for investments.

Do you believe partnerships are key to the success of digital transformation initiatives?
A partnership between all sectors is very important to complete the initiatives of the digital transformation cycle.

What sort of concerns do companies have regarding digital transformation and how can vendors and partners allay those concerns?
There are internal and external environments that will have an effect on the drawing of policies pertaining to digitization at the governmental level, as well as putting in place strategies and programs necessary to achieve them; this, in addition to overseeing the Digital Transformation Program overall are some of the major concerns.

What are the barriers to the adoption of digital transformation strategies?
Some barriers to adoption can be the timeline for digitization strategies and accurate governance of parties involved in the digitization efforts of the Kingdom, clearly delineating the responsibilities of each party and the part it plays in these efforts.

How are you approaching the security issues related to mass digital transformation deployments?
As digital transformation is having a significant impact on technology, organizations must also reexamine their established business models and security process to drive innovation and better business outcomes. Security issues are vital to building and keeping the trust from all partnerships with regards to digital transformation, thus we commit to making our partners feel secure with their transactions. Firewalls are implemented initially to make the next steps go smoothly.

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