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Keeping Up With a Progressing Market is Key to Success

Sanchari Roy, the Marketing Manager for MEA at Barco, speaks to Arabian Reseller about her career journey so far

Tell us about your philosophy, when it comes to your domain of expertise.
Marketing is a domain that has always been innovative and dynamic in nature. With the changing dynamics of business across the industries my philosophy has always been ‘update your knowledge and related skills and keep practicing new ways to market your product or solution with changing market dynamics’.

Why did you choose IT to advance your career?
We are a generation that witnessed massive transformation in technology. From my childhood, I have been intrigued by how suddenly new technologies replace the old one and then new innovations can transform it to a complete different experience. During my post graduation days, I was doing an internship with a cloud based storage service provider and that is when my interest for technology led my path to advance my career in IT.

Have you witnessed any transformation in the technology industry?
Since I started working, cloud has be been that one transformation which eventually changed the business dynamicsToday from hardware to software everything can be opted as service and companies can flexibly operate on OpEx by introducing the subscription model. This has been a huge transformation over last decade.

Where, according to you, is the next technology transformation going to come from?
AI is the most promising technology transformation that we are looking forward to. With advancement of machine learning we are going to witness a new era in technology.

What is your advice to women looking to break into the field of technology?
Today, technology is dynamic and as big market as any other major industry. So I would advice anyone who is looking to advance their career in technology to self learn. Today the technology that is been taught under different technology discipline are going to be either transformed to next generation or going to be obsolete in next few years. So to keep up with such progressing market, one always needs to be updated in their understanding of new technology and changing market requirements.

Are you involved in any sort of charity work?
I am involved with few NGOs in sponsoring and sometimes volunteering towards different social causes like providing Health and Hygiene to underprivileged area and women education in my home country.

What is next for you in terms of your career in the tech industry?
Being an integral part of tech industry, I am always privileged to witness and learn the new innovations at an early stage. Barco as a technology company is always an innovator when it comes to advancing the existing technology or investing in new technology. I am glad to be part of this cutting edge solution company and looking forward to be part of Barco’s journey of ‘enabling bright outcomes’.

What do you do to unwind after a busy day at work?
Growing up as an avid reader, good content is always my companion. Now with the ample availability of different OTT platforms a good content is just one click away. So I unwind my busy day with some good content, surfing though different social media platforms or meeting my friends.

What do you think the industry should do to encourage more women to enter the tech industry?
In my experience I see women are more inclined towards tech industry and any other industries. However irrespective of any industry, equal opportunity and equal pay grade model will always encourage women to take up more challenges and different roles in any industry.

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