GITEX 2021: Gigamon to Showcase Solutions to Simplify Management of Hybrid Infrastructure

Vijay Babber, the Senior Channel Manager at Gigamon, speaks about his company’s participation at GITEX 2021

Describe your company in one word and tell us about your current major offering.
Gigamon in one word, simple, VISIBILITY. Gigamon’s HAWK provides the industry’s first elastic cloud visibility fabric for all data in motion across cloud networks, addressing the cloud visibility gap between cloud tools and network tools and it allows customers to see, secure, and automate cloud operations at scale. Its purpose-built to provide elastic visibility across all clouds, public or private, and to see into any workload, whether virtual, container, or traditional.

This visibility enables organizations to dynamically scale up and scale out on demand, preserving valuable time and resources. For traditional network tools, Hawk provides immediate visibility into Layers 2–7 across any cloud, without the proliferation of tool agents. For cloud tools, Hawk provides pervasive visibility into all data in motion, including East-West container traffic and unmanaged devices on the enterprise network, complete with network application metadata.

It simplifies the management of your hybrid infrastructure, eliminates security and compliance blind spots, and provides IT operators full visibility of their cloud environments at scale.

Is cloud a key focus area for Gigamon and are you seeing an increase in cloud adoption?
Absolutely yes. Network and Data Centre virtualisation, as well as cloud adoption, will be the driving force in the coming years. This will of course come with its challenges, but Gigamon is well-positioned to help customers solve these in many ways with its Hybrid Cloud HAWK offering.

It’s pretty much clear that in today’s business environment that enterprises will at some point in their digital journey, be using the cloud. What type of cloud of course depends on where they are in their digital journey? One thing is inevitable, that organisations will embrace a hybrid environment before they decide if to fully migrate to the cloud. So it’s probably fair to say that the hybrid cloud will represent the future of the IT infrastructure across the globe.

Implementing a pervasive network visibility strategy is increasingly becoming a top priority for enterprises. What are the business benefits of increasing end-to-end visibility in their hybrid environment?
It is really a no-brainer that organizations need to reduce the visibility gap. And doing so will result in delivering a better customer experience, with full visibility you will be able to troubleshoot customer experience issues across the entire hybrid infrastructure, which otherwise can be very challenging.

Having complete visibility would let you take command of your entire network infrastructure, from the core to the cloud. Also, with complete visibility, you can eliminate blind spots on your hybrid network. You will not have to rely only on application logs or trace files which ultimately lead to an incomplete picture of security. With visibility into all your data-in-motion, encrypted or not, including east-west traffic from containers and unmanaged devices, you will be able to provide a complete and consistent security posture.

Another benefit for reducing the visibility gap is you will be able to accelerate the hybrid migration and reduce costs and complexity of the hybrid infrastructure. Basically, your network is tapped once and can better optimize traffic and metadata for your tools, reducing the number of agents, reducing bandwidth, and reducing CPU utilization. The smaller the visibility gap the fewer the challenges.

How can enterprises increase visibility into their physical, virtual, and cloud environments? 
To increase visibility into physical virtual and cloud infrastructure, you need an end-to-end visibility solution that can span the entire hybrid cloud network. Something that can provide operators with a clear, complete, and consistent view of what is happening across their hybrid infrastructure to help eliminate the hybrid cloud visibility challenges that ultimately lead to performance and security risks.

What is your Channel Go-To model?
We are a true Channel First organisation empowering our channel partners to identify and drive revenue opportunities.  Our channel and ecosystem partners are an extension of our sales, technical, and marketing teams. They help us thrive in this new normal and serve as a force multiplier in delivering successful solutions to the market. I am a strong believer in channel enablement and assisting the channel more so they can be successful.

We strictly follow a 2 tier Channel business model with distribution across MEA. We offer one of the industry’s best and most comprehensive partner programs to fully support and incentivise our channel partners. We continuously invest in partner enablement with quarterly incentive and marketing programs to ensure our channel partners become and remain successful.

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