Tenable Intros Tenable.cs to Provide Security From Code to Cloud

Tenable has announced the release of Tenable.cs, adding new cloud-native security capabilities to its platform. Coming on the heels of its acquisition of Accurics, Tenable.cs enables organizations to accelerate innovation by aligning development, operational, and security teams behind security and resiliency goals.

With the release of Tenable.cs, Tenable will help organizations protect the full cloud-native stack throughout the DevOps lifecycle, from the time applications and infrastructure are defined in code through production usage. Tenable.cs scans Infrastructure as Code (IaC) to detect and remediate any flaws, policy violations, and potential breach paths before provisioning to the cloud infrastructure.

Implementing secure and compliant IaC is a cornerstone to aligning DevOps, security, and compliance, which helps prevent cloud security risk, improve developer productivity and ultimately strengthen security and compliance. DevOps and security teams today face the challenge of “staying in their lanes” while attempting to effectively collaborate without impeding innovation. This pursuit is further complicated by cloud-native environments that are ever-evolving and increasing in complexity.

Tenable.cs brings the Accurics platform into the Tenable ecosystem, giving teams pragmatic, real-world solutions from build through runtime. The solution also delivers a best practices framework that unites DevOps and Security teams so companies can innovate in the cloud with confidence.

“Tenable.cs expands our capabilities further into the cloud stack,” said Nico Popp, chief product officer, Tenable. “Our aim is to enable organizations to embrace both the technical and cultural change that is DevSecOps. This is a natural evolution as services increasingly leverage the cloud and IaC. By analyzing this codified state of cloud environments, we enable users to shift security left and address misconfigurations and vulnerabilities before they are deployed.”

This inaugural release of Tenable.cs builds on established Accurics capabilities by optimizing the user experience, enhancing runtime capabilities and reporting, and enabling tighter integration with development workflows.

  • Optimized user experience:
    • Unified management console for multiple control planes including code repositories, cloud accounts, Kubernetes clusters & CI/CD or GitOps pipelines
    • A streamlined user experience for configuring complex AWS, Azure, and GCP environments, and projects
    • A new low code security policy editor simplifies the management of policy logic while eliminating the need to learn another policy language
  • Enhanced runtime capabilities and reporting:
    • Continuous monitoring of AWS configuration changes, enabling real-time management of cloud posture
    • Comprehensive posture management for Kubernetes applications, including detecting configuration drifts in Kubernetes runtime infrastructure
  • Tighter integration with development workflows:
    • Improved integration into development pipelines, including new policies for application vulnerabilities and the ability to enforce policies during build time
    • Kubernetes policy guardrails based on recent NSA & CISA Kubernetes Hardening Guidance
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