Intersec 2022: ASUS Shows Off Cutting-Edge Technologies and Solutions

Arabian Reseller spoke to Albert Cheng, the Associate Sales Director for Servers at ASUS EMEA, and Jeff Jacob, the Regional Sales Manager for Commercial Business at ASUS EMEA, about their participation at Intersec recently

Tell us about your partnership with MBUZZ, VisionLab, and Brief Cam. Which ASUS products and solutions do they offer on the market.
Intersec 2022 was a great opportunity for ASUS to showcase our security and surveillance-centric product portfolio to our prospective customer base in the enterprise segment via our partners MBUZZ and VisionLab. MBUZZ is one of our premier value-added distribution partners focused on our enterprise-grade portfolio of GPU-based Servers and Workstations.

Being a distributor for Nvidia, Micron, and other enterprise solution brands, gives them an edge over other legacy value-added distributors. Over the years they have become an integral part of our go-to-market strategy in the Gulf region.

VisionLab is one of the leading software solutions companies in the field of AI-centric facial recognition, biometric data management, and deep/machine learning. We have partnered with VisionLab as the default partner for the hardware consisting of an ASUS CPU-based server portfolio running behind VisionLab’s proprietary Software engine. Our collaboration has resulted in one of the key govt end-user related to security/safety in the UAE choosing our combined solution as the standard across all branch offices in the country.

BriefCam is a Canon-owned company that is the leading provider of video analytics for rapid video review and search, real-time alerting, and quantitative video insights. BriefCam’s groundbreaking technology transforms how organizations use video surveillance and has been recognized with a series of industry accolades.

ASUS is proud to partner with BriefCam in the MEA region and our partnership has resulted in some key wins and successes across the region. ASUS Servers have been put through numerous tests to handle the scale of BriefCam’s video analytics capabilities and have proven to be a seamless experience for enterprise customers who have been wanting a stable server platform. The ASUS-BriefCam hardware/Software engine collaboration is being showcased at stands of partners namely MBUZZ Distribution, Mobius MEA, and Milestone.

Which markets do your partners cover in the region?
MBUZZ is an authorized ASUS distributor for our enterprise portfolio to the territorial region of GCC. The VisionLab team based in UAE covers the MEAI region currently. The BriefCam team, too, based in UAE also covers the MEA region.

At Intersec, which products and solutions are you showcasing?
We are mainly showcasing our Servers, Workstations, and ASUS Tinkerboards. In the Server category, we are demoing the GPU rack server models ESC8000A-E11 and ESC4000-E10. These platforms bring multiple GPU computing to support security, big data analytics, AI training application, which will enhance solution performance and users experience.

Not only GPU server but in the high-end GPU-based Workstations we are showcasing the model Pro E800G4, an Intel Xeon-based high-performance workstation that comes with four graphics cards support. ASUS Tinkerboards which are basically single board computers meant for use in a variety of use case scenarios like high-quality media playback, gaming, computer vision, gesture recognition, image stabilization, and processing, as well as computational photography, In-Vehicle computing, surveillance data capture points, monitoring network performance on 5G networks and so on.

What were your expectations from the event this year?
Our main aim was to meet as many potential customers via Intersec. Being an event specific to a particular domain like security gives Intersec an advantage over general exhibitions. Security is of prime importance for all sectors of the economy whether its government or private sector.

The visitors to the Intersec tend to be knowledgeable, focused, and subject matter experts which gives exhibitors a great opportunity to reach the specific target customer, with the proliferation of IoT, customers are eager to secure all their physical environments where they are vulnerable. As the leading trade fair for security, emergency response, safety, and wellbeing. Intersec’s influence has spread not only across the Middle East, Africa but beyond to other geographies as well.

UAE is one of the places which has been at the forefront of the shift to a post-covid world which as many health experts predict is not far. This general feeling of safety and the measures taken by the authorities gives confidence to customers to visit Intersec.

What is your theme of participation at Intersec 2022?
ASUS as everyone is aware is synonymous with Motherboards, Gaming, and Laptops. We see events like Intersec as an opportunity for us to Showcase our enterprise computing portfolio and be part of a total solution instead of a standalone product-only brand. It is our endeavor to highlight Our partnerships with ISVs like VisionLabs a facial recognition company or BriefCam a Video Analytics solutions company and our Distribution partners like MBUZZ. These partnerships add great impetus and value to help position our products in the enterprise space.

Any thoughts or your personal feedback from your side about Intersec / products overall?
From Intersec, we have a chance to talk to customers and existing partners directly and understand more about market demand and trends, which is the most valuable part we got during this period. Furthermore, we also learned more and new ISV partners in this field. This also shows the entire industry is on an up-trend and customers have more options. ASUS aims to enlarge our ecosystem in the security field, so, we will look for more partnerships with different ISVs to support as a professional platform provider in the security field.

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