Serverless is the Key to Application Development in the Cloud

Sid Nag, the VP Analyst at Gartner, says democratisation of AI will be key

What trends do you foresee for Cloud Computing in 2022?
We see trends such as cloud-native platforms, hyper-scale edge computing, digital marketplaces, SaaS operations, distributed cloud, cloud sustainability, and sovereign clouds.

What sort of benefits does cloud computing bring to eCommerce stores and e-tailers?
Cloud computing brings in benefits such as scale, reliability, innovation, and agility.

Is edge computing helping shape up the cloud computing industry as a whole?
Yes, Edge is an extension of the cloud operating model which is complementary and not competitive.

Do you believe serverless functions have a big part to play in creating new user experiences?
Yes, serverless is the key to application development in the cloud where a lot of the infrastructure dependencies are automatically served up making it simpler to build applications that provide new user experiences.

Will combining AI with cloud services enable organizations to get the most out of both applications in a cost-effective way?
Yes. Richer applications can be built by embedding AI functionality which can yield outcomes that are easier to track. Democratization of AI will be key. The use of AI in the cloud must transcend beyond the esoteric to the pedestrian use of AI.

With Metaverse becoming the “keyword” for 2022, do you believe the cloud has a major role to play here? What opportunities exist for both vendors and channel partners?
This is an open question. It can go two ways – (a) what inherent cloud attributes can be leveraged by the Metaverse and (b) will cloud providers themselves build Metaverse-like models and experiences. Both are possible. Time will tell.

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