CIOs Are Looking For Process Automation, Migration to the Cloud and Greater Security

Martin Tarr, the Chief ICT Officer (Acting) at du, says clouds reduces not only the cost and pain but also the risks, of using IT assets

What trends do you foresee for Cloud Computing in 2022?
Given the global pandemic, resiliency and business continuity have emerged as focus areas for organisations across the UAE. Business needs, economic concerns, and technology trends are driving many organisations to pursue IT strategies that include near and long-term plans for cloud services.

More than half of organisations across the UAE are engaging in digital transformation projects, and most are accelerating their efforts in the face of the pandemic. CIOs are looking at process automation, migration to the cloud, and greater security to build a more robust infrastructure that will offer greater agility and cost less. The implementation of infrastructure-as-a-service (IaaS) is viewed by many adopters as a critical first step toward broader cloud adoption.

However, digital transformation is more than moving applications and data to the cloud. It is about enabling your organisation to securely adopt new technologies, integrate data and processes, and benefit from continuous transformation.

What sort of benefits does cloud computing bring to eCommerce stores and e-tailers?
Most cloud strategies have an initial focus on cost reduction or improved cost efficiencies. In fact, cost savings are now often an explicit and definite objective. Many organisations are strengthening benefit realisation processes that increase executive accountability for cost-saving targets and this is flowing through to an increasing interest in cloud computing.

Clouds reduce not only the cost and pain but also the risk, of using IT assets. This is certainly the case for IaaS, with its pay-as-you-go approach to pricing and licensing, than for SaaS (software as a service like or enterprise versions of Google Apps), which favours the less flexible subscription approach.

Is edge computing helping shape up the cloud computing industry as a whole?
With the huge interest in digitalization across all industry verticals – 5G is a key technology. Edge computing or Mobile Edge Computing, is a crucial part of the 5G platform and provides a first-mover advantage for communication service providers in grabbing new business opportunities.

Multi-access edge computing is essentially a cloud-based IT service environment at the edge of the network. Edge computing is a network architecture that brings real-time, high-bandwidth, low-latency access to radio network information, allowing operators to open their networks to a new ecosystem and value chain. Edge computing permits multiple types of access at the edge, including wireline. Edge access points include cell phone towers, routers, WiFi, and local data centers.

By 2023, 5G will make up around one-fifth of all mobile data traffic, where 25% of the use-cases will depend on edge computing capabilities.

Do you believe serverless functions have a big part to play in creating new user experiences?
We innovate by harnessing technologies that drive exceptional customer experiences, operational excellence, and data monetisation, embracing technologies such as the Internet of Things (IoT), Blockchain, and Artificial Intelligence (AI).

du removes the complexity from connecting, managing, and growing your digital infrastructure. Our experts in multi-cloud and hybrid cloud environments help you to develop and execute your cloud strategy and maximise the value of digital transformation in your organisation.

Will combining AI with cloud services enable organizations to get the most out of both applications in a cost-effective way?
Artificial Intelligence is fueling breakthrough ideas and applications. Our AI solutions help to future-proof operating models and support business challenges, ensuring maximum value generation in your AI adoption journey.

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