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Arabian Reseller caught up with Ashay Arya, the Co-Founder of Coinmarketpedia; Shameer Thaha, the Chief Futurist at Coinmarketpedia; and Aryan Farivar, the Co-Founder of Coinmarketpedia to learn more about their company and the solutions they offer on the market

Ashay Arya, the Co-Founder of Coinmarketpedia
Ashay Arya, the Co-Founder of Coinmarketpedia

So tell us about Coinmarketpedia. What is it all about?
Ashay: So, I am one of the Co-Founders of Coinmarketpedia. So we started the development of the platform around 1.5 years ago and the idea was to create a platform to educate people about the blockchain industry. One of the problems that we have nowadays in this industry is that people don’t have any idea about how the blockchain works.

And this is the big issue now since the industry is growing with lots of money being pumped into it and lots of newbies coming to the market every day. And since they don’t know anything about the crypto market, their decision is usually based on what they hear from other people and what they see or hear on the news every day. So we wanted to create a platform to educate people based on our market experience.

So we came up with this idea of Coinmarketpedia. We want to bring the best instructors from all over the world onto the platform and educate people about what’s happening in the crypto market, the blockchain industry, and so on. And people can use this information to make better decisions when it comes to investment in this industry.

Shameer Thaha, the Chief Futurist at Coinmarketpedia
Shameer Thaha, the Chief Futurist at Coinmarketpedia

So Shameer, tell us about the company and what it does.
Shameer: Yes. Hi, I’m Shameer Thaha. I’m the advisor to Coinmarketpedia. Coinmarketpedia is a very interesting project that started with a grand vision of essentially bringing abundance into the world by educating the general public about cryptocurrency and blockchain. What started off as a simple initiative to impart education has now transpired into building a complete ecosystem. And the challenge which the visionaries and the co-founders of the project came about or understood was the lack of knowledge in the industry, and that means unfair opportunities to a limited few.

And through this platform, what we’re really trying to do is to bring in the top experts in the industry, both investors, developers, and people from the crypto community to come on board, share their knowledge, expertise and also help the general public learn more about the project and what’s happening in the crypto space. Because it’s a highly evolving and fast-moving industry and to enable them to kind of capitalise on the future of the economy as well as the future of work. So that’s essentially the project.

There are a lot of moving pieces to this Coinmarketpedia, starting with iLearn, which is the education platform. There’s also a community focus on social media, which is exclusively for crypto enthusiasts, expert traders where they can share their knowledge, insights, analytics, and also certain key trends in the market which people can subscribe to. Furthermore, there’s a lot more coming up.

Aryan Farivar, the Co-Founder of Coinmarketpedia
Aryan Farivar, the Co-Founder of Coinmarketpedia

So when is the platform going to launch?
Shameer: So the alpha launch is going to be during the start of 2022. The platform is not only targeted towards first-timers in the blockchain and crypto space. It’s for literally anybody. We want it to be easy for a first-timer to be able to understand and get up to speed quickly and easily from traders and experts in the community, but also for traders and experts to generate revenue by sharing their insights and knowledge and expertise, having worked in the industry and trade it right. So it’s for everyone, and it’s literally the community where you need to be. If you’re really serious about wanting to be in the crypto and the blockchain space.

Where is the company Coinmarketpedia based?
Shameer: So the company is headquartered out of Switzerland. But this is a branch office, and Dubai has always been strategic for a lot of reasons. One, it is going to be the crypto valley of the world. It is crypto and blockchain-friendly. We’ve had mandates right from the rulers of the country, which has been phenomenal. And because of that drive towards the adoption of blockchain and cryptocurrency, we really felt that there was a gap that needed to be fulfilled. And that is what Coinmarketpedia is doing. But this is a start, but we look to go global from Dubai.

Will Coinmarketpedia have only a digital presence or will it also have a physical presence?
Shameer: At the moment on our current roadmap, this is going to be a purely digital platform. And we see the future to be digital as well. What COVID and the pandemic have literally taught us is that presence and physical barriers are no more. We can go completely digital. In fact, we are also having a Metaverse, which is on the roadmap, and we see that mixed reality and Metaverse are going to be the future of education as well.

Can you tell us more about Coinmarketpedia’s DHub?
Shameer: DHub is a social media platform where you can share, exchange, learn and communicate with like-minded people in the blockchain and crypto space. So it’s for people who want to learn, who want to just understand how to get started. You can also follow key influencers or expert traders and learn from them. You can even capitalise on their knowledge because they are sharing exclusive insights on the hub. So there could be some premium content that could be shared by these influencers as well, which can be accessed by paying a subscription fee.

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