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MicroStrategy Partners With Magnoos

MicroStrategy has announced a strategic partnership with Magnoos Information Systems. This partnership centers on developing platform-neutral analytics-driven solutions to help organizations consume business insights with ease and facilitate quick decision-making with actionable intelligence.

According to IDC, spending on Big Data analytics is expected to grow by 8.1% in 2022 to reach USD 3 billion in the Middle East, Turkey, and Africa region. This statistic reinforces regional organizations’ interest in powering their operations, customer engagement processes, and overall business growth with technologies driven by data and analytics.

Michael Halas, Managing Partner at Magnoos

MicroStrategy makes this process simpler and easier with its industry-first HyperIntelligence solution. The cutting-edge HyperIntelligence solution directly injects Artificial Intelligence and analytics capabilities into third-party business platforms such as Oracle & SAP ERP Suite, IBM Maximo, Microsoft Dynamics, and other platforms used by organizations. With zero clicks required, intelligence on customers, products, customer journeys, preferences, etc., is fed directly into applications and devices used by employees in the form of simple cards.

For example, a healthcare professional needs to manage patient queries physically and virtually, in addition, address emails flooding their inbox. With time constraints becoming a daily challenge, responding to queries swiftly or doing follow-ups is becoming increasingly difficult. Questions like how long has an individual been a patient of the clinic? What is his patient history? When should the patient come for a check-up?

Answers to these questions require the healthcare professional to toggle between various applications and dashboards and maybe send emails to various departments requesting certain information. HyperIntelligence eliminates all these steps and allows the healthcare professional to hover over a keyword such as a patient’s name on their web application or even in an email and gain real-time insights with zero clicks. Essential intelligence is combined and delivered in a card format that will pop up on the screen and the card will contain all the required information. 

Furthermore, the user can drill down on any of this card information in a seamless fashion. Integrating the HyperIntelligence solution directly into websites or applications takes employee productivity to a new level. Headquartered in Abu Dhabi, Magnoos enables regional private and public organizations to implement state-of-the-art technology solutions and adopt best practices to accelerate the cycle of business innovation. Through this partnership, their in-depth expertise and network will enable MicroStrategy to expand its footprint in the region.

“Since the onset of the pandemic, customer convenience is key to ensuring business plans’ success. There is a growing interest within the business community in the Middle East and Africa region to ensure customer convenience and satisfaction by using AI and analytics” said Michael Halas, Managing Partner at Magnoos, emphasizing the partnership. “Our vision with MicroStrategy is to help organizations overcome the challenges of integrating AI and analytics into their processes with ease to deliver business value. Every organization, regardless of size, uses multiple platforms to extract intelligence to  meet business and customer demands. We want to eliminate the need to deploy several platforms for intelligence. With platforms powered by HyperIntelligence, we will be able to help the workforce access relevant insights in real-time, round the clock on every device, application and interface they use on a daily basis.”

Commenting on the partnership, Ashruf Hassaballa, Regional Vice President, Middle East & Africa, at MicroStrategy said, “At MicroStrategy, we are focused on delivering intelligence across an organization by providing timely and relevant information in everyday applications used by all employees. This capability presents businesses in the Middle East and Africa region with a “money ball” moment. Our partnership with Magnoos will help us bring this breakthrough solution to organizations that seek to optimize and leverage their data to derive actionable insights effortlessly. Our solution will enable the workforce to flex their knowledge and expertise through readily available intelligence that requires zero clicks and discards the need to switch between applications.”

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