BCD Releases Milestone XProtect Rapid Review Analytics Servers in Collaboration with NIT

Today BCD announced the worldwide release of their new series of Milestone XProtect Rapid REVIEW analytics appliances. This series consists of four standalone analytics servers that have been designed, tested, and validated in BCD’s testing centers to withstand some of the most demanding video surveillance applications. Within the META region, this product portfolio will be made available exclusively through NIT, an Ingram Micro company (NIT).

“Choosing NIT as an ally for this release was an easy decision for BCD.” CEO Jeff Burgess comments. “Working with NIT, an Ingram Micro company, has allowed BCD to extend this long-standing distribution partnership into the META region. This has given us an expedited path to the local marketplace.”

Purpose-built with BCD’s exclusive technology integrations, their Milestone XProtect-ready Appliances allow users to reduce hardware needed with hybrid cloud storage capabilities, proactively monitor system health directly through XProtect, and eliminate third-party gateways to offset storage with disaster recovery to the cloud. With Rapid REVIEW seamlessly integrated into the XProtect Smart Client, users can review hours of video in minutes, and pinpoint people and objects of interest immediately, then instantly turn that information into evidence, insights, and action.

Dr. Ali Baghdadi, SVP & Chief Country Executive META Region at Ingram Micro, commented, “We are pleased to be named an exclusive one-stop-shop for BCD’s high-performance and high-availability Hardware and Milestone Advanced Software applications, and deliver trusted IP video surveillance solutions to our reseller partners across the region.”

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