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Tech Rewind: What We’ve Seen in 2022

Innovation and technology took the front seat this year. We witnessed the growth of technology and how it transformed the way we live, work, and interact with each other. Tech companies worldwide are pushing their limits to test more innovative and groundbreaking projects.

Today, it would be foolish to believe that technology is not here to stay. If organizations don’t keep up with this technological transformation, they are faced with the jarring reality of going out of business. That aside, it’s truly fascinating to look back and see how far we’ve come. We’ve always been looking for the next big thing in technology, but now it’s time to take a step back and look at the technologies that transformed our lives this year. Let’s get into it.

5G is picking up speed, but it’s not at its best yet. Apple released the first iPhone to support 5G connectivity, working with both mmWave and sub-6 GHz 5G in 2020. Along with this, numerous telecom companies rolled out 5G in full swing this year. And the exciting aspects of 5G are yet to come. It can transform the retail experience, manufacturing, health care, and mobility. According to Ericsson, July through September of 2022 saw about 110 million new 5G users, raising the total of the number of users to around 870 million. And, according to these reports, 5G adoption is faster than 4G, allowing users to experience higher data rates and ultra-low latency.

Virtual and Augmented Reality
The exciting part of 2022 was the growth of augmented reality (AR) and virtual reality (VR). From DALL-E to ChatGPT, the growth of AI we witnessed this year was tremendous. Although AI itself is in its early stages of growth, the applications of AI are truly jaw-dropping. For instance, now customers can get a real glimpse of the product they are buying, its size, and how it fits in their homes with AR preview placement. Virtual try-on allows you to try on your clothes without doing it physically. These applications and many more have broadened the capabilities of AR and VR.

Cybersecurity Advances
Unified security is being deployed across organizations for improved visibility, greater efficiency, and at a lower cost. Deploying a single solution that can manage all an organization’s endpoints helps keep IT security in check. Especially now, when most employees are opting for the hybrid work model, it is necessary to deploy a robust endpoint security solution.

Cloud security also gained momentum this year following the increase in cloud adoption. To secure your cloud infrastructure effectively, deploy a cloud security solution that can collect, monitor, and analyze the log data from multiple cloud resources.

Cloud Technology
In 2022, we saw rapid adoption of the cloud by organizations to suit their growing needs. Cloud technology allows better accessibility, security, and scalability. This addresses some of the key concerns that employees experience when working remotely.

Effortless business continuity and scalability in the face of evolving business needs and market conditions have made cloud adoption lucrative. All the recent growth in technology fosters the discovery of new and improved methods that can be useful in our workplaces and in our homes. Much more awaits us in the upcoming year.

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