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“Working on Your Confidence and Competence is Key”

Aarti Dange, the Customer Experience Leader for Middle East and Africa at Emerson Automation Solutions, says today’s industry outlook on gender diversity is very encouraging

Can you share a little bit about what it is that you do and what a typical day for you is like?
As a customer experience leader at Emerson Automation Solutions, I prioritize ensuring that our customers have the best possible experience when interacting with our products and services. This involves overseeing a team of professionals who work to understand our customers’ needs, identify pain points in their journey, and implement solutions to improve their overall experience.

My mornings typically start with meditation and reading the newspaper, while managing home chores. I then begin my workday by catching up on calls with colleagues to ensure that we are all aligned on our priorities for the day. Throughout the day, I engage with different teams within the organization to identify areas where we can enhance the customer experience, such as product design, sales processes, and customer service. In the evenings, I prioritize spending quality time with my family by swimming together and doing some light reading before bed. This allows me to recharge and come back to work with a fresh perspective each day.

Overall, my daily routine is centered around balancing my personal and professional responsibilities while staying focused on our customers’ needs. By prioritizing the customer experience and constantly striving to improve it, we can build long-term relationships and drive business growth.

Did you always know that working in the industry you represent was what you wanted to do? How did you decide on it?
I was fortunate to be introduced to a new discipline in Engineering – which was Petroleum / Oil and Gas. Our university had a great industry collaboration which gave us the necessary exposure to the nature and dynamics of the industry. It was booming at that time with lots of international openings and presence, which posed a good challenge to take. In the second year of my degree course, I decided to pursue my degree in this discipline which was supported by my faculty and family

What first got you interested in the industry you work in?
The multidisciplinary nature of the Petroleum/Oil and Gas Engineering course, combined with the unique skillset development opportunities really attracted me to pursue a career in this field. Additionally, the use of advanced and constantly evolving technology in industry operations was particularly intriguing. I was also drawn to the diverse range of career paths and opportunities within the versatile nature of the industry.

Do you have a role model?
I have role models whom I look up to for inspiration. Mr. Ratan Tata is one of them, as a true industrialist and technomaniac that he is. His leadership and vision have made a significant impact on the business world. Another role model of mine is Mrs. Indira Nooyi, who has achieved a successful career and a perfect otherwise difficult work-life balance that she has achieved managing work and family at the best.

What obstacles did you have to overcome?
Work conditions could be quite challenging on the field, especially offshore, and preparing yourself for the same could be quite challenging. Another aspect is being readily accepted in the industry especially in certain geographies and in certain roles have been challenging. Working on my confidence and competence both physical and mental has helped throughout to sustain and grow throughout the years of my career.

What advice would you give to a woman considering a career in the industry you represent? What do you wish you had known?
Today’s industry outlook on gender diversity is very encouraging. Several organizations have very strong DE&I framework which provides opportunities for women to grow in their careers and accelerate their way to leadership positions. However, we must acknowledge that competence remains unparalleled. While we as women are bestowed with great opportunities, we have a huge responsibility to contribute to the industry to our best with full conviction and hard work.

What do you do to unwind after work?
I enjoy spending quality time with my family and engaging in some other activity every day. I enjoy and cherish “me” time, just listening to music and reflecting on the day’s events and activities.

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