Providing Unified Data Protection to Customers

Vijay Babber, the Channel Manager for META at Skyhigh Security, speaks about his company’s differentiated approach to data protection

What sort of services does Skyhigh offer in the region?
Skyhigh Security is one of the leading Security Service Edge providers, and we pledge to protect the world’s data. We work with Enterprise, Government, and Finance sectors to ensure we can guide them towards secure cloud services adoption and protect the regional citizens’ critical PII data from falling into the wrong hands. We are one of the leaders in Security Service Edge, providing unified data protection for our customers. Our services include but are not limited to, Risk Assessment, Access Controls, Data Encryption, Data Loss Prevention, Advanced Threat Protection, Remote Browser Isolation, Firewall as a Service, Anomaly Detection, Access Controls, Unified Policy Controls across all cloud services, and Integration with existing security tools.

Tell us about your differentiated approach to data protection.
Skyhigh Security focuses on a range of features and strategies to differentiate its data security approach. Some major differentiators are our ability to give organisations visibility into all cloud services they are using, whether they are officially sanctioned by their IT department, and even if they are not sanctioned which we refer to as Shadow IT, using machine learning and analytics to provide advanced threat protection in real-time, and real-time data protection of sensitive data in the cloud through encryption, contextual access control, and data loss prevention.

We strongly believe in ease of technology adoption and a quicker return on investment. Our security stack is built on the fundamentals of a frictionless approach, where we have unique methods to secure our customers’ data while it resides in cloud services with our unique API integration support and that too with the widest set of cloud service providers. We can secure data quicker, with the fastest response time that is unmatched in the industry today.

As a CASB, how do you enable companies to access cloud services?
You will be surprised to know 98% of our customers already have cloud services. We guide them on the journey of cloud risk assessment, rating cloud services based on various risk parameters helping them understand the security postures of security services they are connected to, and ultimately understand and demonstrate their cloud risk exposure. You can never protect unless you know what you must protect against.

We guide companies through the phases of cloud adoption maturity, which include, Complete Visibility into Cloud Usage by discovering Shadow IT and Security Risk Assessment, Data Protection which includes Encryption and Data Loss Prevention, and Threat Protection with behavioural analytics and real-time remediation. In this journey, companies can discover different ways to protect their data with their cloud services.

How do your services ensure the security of cloud-based data during transit?
Skyhigh Security provides a Cloud Security Posture Management solution, offering a variety of features to ensure the security of cloud-based data both at rest and in transit. We have various offerings for different requirements, providing a Security Service Edge solution to ensure customers can monitor the data in transit to the cloud services and provide security frameworks to protect sensitive data loss through these channels. We have more than 1000 unique security identifiers that customers can select to ensure their data in transit is monitored and captured if it violates their company security policies.

Tell us about your partnership with CyberKnight.
Although we have only been partnered for a short time, I can say they really are a “true” cybersecurity, “true” value-add distribution partner for us in the Middle East. We chose to partner with them because of their in-depth market knowledge, full coverage in the region, and deep-rooted channel partner relationships. Being a 100% Channel First vendor these USPs were of utmost importance to us, as we are still scaling as a new company, and wanted to grow with a distributor that too was growing at a rapid rate in the region. Looking into the near future we are already strategizing on empowering the Channel and building both technical and sales expertise within the entire region so CyberKnight can be a right-hand arm of Skyhigh Security.

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