Cloudflare to Unveil ‘Connectivity Cloud’ at GITEX GLOBAL 2023

Cloudflare has announced its presence at GITEX GLOBAL 2023 taking place in October. The company which has just celebrated its 13th anniversary, will mark the occasion by offering GITEX trade visitors more information about its recently launched ‘Cloud Connectivity’ – the most complete platform for regaining control of security and IT resources across the entire ecosystem: on-prem, public cloud, SaaS and the Internet.

Speaking about the company’s participation, Bashar Bashaireh, Managing Director of Middle East & Türkiye at Cloudflare said, “Today, everything and everyone in your organisation’s IT environment needs to be connected and secured everywhere, all the time. But the cloud, SaaS, Internet, and on-prem domains are intrinsically different, and the tools used to tie them together usually just add more complexity. All of this results in IT and security teams having less control over their environment — making the whole organisation less agile, less secure, and less financially efficient. How can they close the control gap? A connectivity cloud is a unified platform of cloud-native services that dramatically simplifies secure “any to any” connectivity, helping businesses regain control of their IT environment. It improves agility, reduces risk, and cuts IT costs.”

“We are very excited to be present at GITEX. The exhibition is happening on the back of one of Cloudflare’s biggest innovation weeks of the year – Birthday Week, where we unveiled several of our latest technologies. So, the timing is perfect for us to share our portfolio and new transformational solutions with the region’s IT and networking professionals. We are also looking forward to engaging with current and potential partners, as we build out our channel ecosystem and expand our program.”

Besides Connectivity Cloud, below are some of the initiatives and innovations that the company is keen to demonstrate at GITEX:

  1. Workers AI – the most complete platform to deploy fast, secure, compliant AI inference at scale. The solution offers end-to-end infrastructure essential for the efficient and affordable development and deployment of AI models for the new age of AI applications. Developers will now be able to develop full-stack AI applications on the Cloudflare network. They benefit from the best end-to-end experience when building AI applications, enabling fast and affordable inference, without the constraints of infrastructure management. At a time when all businesses, from startups to large corporations, are looking to improve their services through artificial intelligence, Cloudflare’s platform enables developers to rapidly deploy production-ready applications by integrating security, compliance and performance.
  2. Magic WAN Connector – a lightweight software package that organizations can install in any physical or cloud network to automatically connect, steer, and shape any IP traffic. The solution speeds up, simplifies and secures organizations’ connections to the Internet. This connector complements the company’s Cloudflare One solution, a Zero Trust network-as-a-service platform. It will enable CISOs and CIOs to accelerate, simplify and, above all, secure the connection of employees, devices, applications, networks and data centres that may be geographically distributed, without having to sacrifice performance and reliability.
  3. Cloudflare One Data Protection Suite – a unified set of advanced security solutions designed to protect data across every environment – web, SaaS, and private applications. Powered by Cloudflare’s Security Service Edge (SSE), customers can streamline compliance in the cloud, mitigate data exposure and loss of source code, and secure developer and AI environments from a single platform.

Executives from Cloudflare are also keen to share industry insights and best practices with trade show attendees. “It is important for CISOs to break down silos by building bridges between themselves, the CIOs and CTOs (Chief Technology Officers) and the business departments, who have a growing need for innovation and technology without necessarily understanding or mastering it. There are not only tremendous synergies to be created, but also resource savings to be made by consolidating costs and technologies, and merging network and security. There’s still too much waste associated with the various technological complexities. This new way of working also requires a contract of trust, not only internally between different organisations, but also with their technology suppliers like Cloudflare. Our aim is to provide CISOs and their teams with a cybersecurity solution that is so easy to implement and so effective in the face of threats, that it’s easy to forget,” concluded Bashaireh.

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