COP28: Lenovo Foresees Sustainability to be a Vital Business Criteria

Thibault Dousson, Director Services and Solution Group META at Lenovo, says the company is actively working towards achieving carbon neutrality in its operations by implementing energy-efficient practices

Please tell us about your efforts to ensure a sustainable and equitable digital future.
At Lenovo, we’re focused on providing smarter technology that builds a brighter, more sustainable future. With more than a decade of reporting our sustainability performance, we have a track record of meeting — and even exceeding — our sustainability goals. We’re committed to a smarter future, evidenced by our goal of net-zero emissions by 2050.

Over the years, we have taken a broad-based approach and are determined to incorporate sustainable practices throughout all our operations including logistics, waste management, water consumption, and product design. Our CO2 Offset Services have also met customers’ growing desire for eco-transparency in all their purchases and is one of the first in the world to tie dedicated offsets to individual products, to help better understand individual carbon footprints.

We are also committed to keeping end-of-life products out of landfills. As such, reverse supply chains help Lenovo reintegrate products and parts that still have life or that can be repaired or refurbished for further use. Lenovo’s product takeback programs also make it easy for many customers around the world to recycle their old devices, batteries, and packaging. Since 2005, Lenovo has processed more than 324,811 tons of computer equipment for recycling and reuse.

What is your commitment to combat climate change?
With the power and scale to reach millions of people around the world, we believe that global technology companies have an opportunity to positively impact environmental change. At Lenovo, we are committed to combatting climate change through a multi-faceted, approach and per our latest Sustainability Report, we are on track to meet all our Lenovo emissions targets.

We are actively working towards achieving carbon neutrality in our operations by implementing energy-efficient practices, investing in renewable energy sources, and offsetting carbon emissions. Our dedication to producing environmentally friendly products involves designing devices with a focus on energy efficiency, recyclability, and reduced environmental impact. We prioritise responsible sourcing in our supply chain, actively manage e-waste, and promote transparency through regular reporting on our sustainability initiatives. We recognise the collective effort required to address climate change and remain dedicated to contributing to a more sustainable and resilient future.

What are the challenges in combatting global environmental issues?
By manufacturing sustainable products, reducing energy consumption, developing innovative solutions to solve environmental problems, and setting an example for other industries to follow, tech companies can play a vital role in mitigating the impact of climate change and ensuring a sustainable future for all. However, it is not an easy task. Companies embarking on their journey to sustainability face many challenges along the way.

Businesses often lack the expertise and knowledge needed to navigate best practices, environmental regulations, and stakeholder engagement strategies to develop and implement effective initiatives. Moreover, constraints like time, money, and resources are huge factors, particularly for small and medium-sized businesses operating on limited budgets and staff.

This is where we see an opportunity to help. Lenovo’s robust network of channel partners helps to deliver smarter technology to millions of customers around the world. When it comes to devices, infrastructure, and services & solutions, Lenovo provides channel partners with the resources needed to succeed in a highly competitive market – and we’re expanding that support to sustainability resources through a partner community called Lenovo 360 Circle.

What sort of trends do you foresee in the areas of sustainability and technology?
In the upcoming period, we foresee sustainability to be a vital business criterion. With more commitment from companies in building sustainable offerings and processes, we anticipate a shift towards circular economy practices, with products designed for longevity and recyclability. There will also be ongoing integration of renewable energy sources into operations and advancements in green computing, emphasising energy-efficient devices and responsible supply chain management. Additionally, there will likely be increased innovation in eco-friendly materials and packaging.

Leveraging technology for sustainable resource management, particularly through artificial intelligence, is expected to be a significant trend. Lenovo is dedicated to staying ahead of these trends to contribute positively to a sustainable future.

How do you envision your role in shaping a more sustainable future in 2024 and beyond?
Climate change
Lenovo has set aggressive, science-based greenhouse gas emission reduction goals. In the upcoming year, we will be working towards meeting our FY 2025/26 target of ensuring that 90% of global operations’ electricity will be obtained from renewable sources. We also plan to remove one million tons of greenhouse gas emissions from our supply chain in the next 3 years.

Circular economy
We are transitioning to a circular economy through innovations in our supply chain, product design, and services. By 2026, we aim to ensure that 84% of repairs can be done at the customer site, without having to send their PC to a service centre, 76% of repairable PC parts returned to our service centre will be repaired for future use and we will have enabled the recycling and reuse of 800 million pounds of end-of-life products.

Sustainable materials
We are focused on integrating sustainable materials and minimising waste through innovative product and packaging design. As such, 100% of PC products will contain post-consumer recycled content materials by 2026, we will use 300 million pounds of post-consumer recycled content plastics in our products and 90% of PC products’ plastic packaging will be made from recycled materials.

Through these initiatives, Lenovo envisions not only reducing its environmental impact but also inspiring positive change within the tech industry, contributing to a more sustainable and responsible future.

How are you aligning your sustainability initiatives in line with the themes of COP28?
At Lenovo, we are aligning our sustainability initiatives with COP28 themes, emphasising emission reduction, eco-friendly innovation, and transparency. Our commitment to climate resilience, carbon neutrality, and sustainable practices reflects our dedication to global environmental goals. Through collaboration with stakeholders and industry partners, we strive to make impactful contributions, reinforcing our commitment to environmental stewardship and a sustainable future.

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