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CyberKnight Signs Up Certes to Offer DPRM Platform

CyberKnight has become a value-added distributor for Certes, a provider of Data Protection and Risk Mitigation (DPRM) solutions. DPRM comprises four key pillars featuring Layer 4 Data Payload Protection, Separation of Key Policy Ownership, Crypto-Segmentation, and Data Security Unified Reporting. Together they help to build a foundation of business success and genuine data protection, empowering organizations to take a proactive approach that prioritizes prevention over cure.

Certes patented technology applies protection to the Data Payload without impacting any other part of the IP packet information, so all traditional network security and reporting tools function the same after DPRM is inserted into the network as it did before. It is transparent to other network devices.

“Certes complements our Zero Trust Security portfolio and allows us to offer a simple solution that ensures maximum security with improved efficiency and lower management overhead to organizations with highly sensitive data or multiple sites. With the DRPM solution from Certes, our customers can be sure that their data assurance posture will scale to support the depth and breadth of their environment, whether deployed top-of-rack, in a virtual environment, between data centres and applications or simply just across the WAN or SD-WAN,” commented Wael Jaber, Chief Strategy Officer at CyberKnight.

“We are delighted to be partnering with CyberKnight and helping to empower organizations across the Middle East and North Africa to take a proactive data-centric approach against the rising threats of data breaches and ransomware attacks. The DPRM solution seamlessly integrates with existing security infrastructures, delivering unparalleled performance without any disruptions, and offering substantial cost and time efficiencies to our valued customers. With our unwavering commitment to prioritizing data protection in all environments, we’re providing clients with complete control over their data, equipping them to navigate intricate regulatory frameworks while bolstering resilience and future-proofing against advanced cyber security threats. This collaboration underscores our commitment to safeguarding our customers’ most valuable assets – their data – with robust security and peace of mind,” added Dan Panesar, Chief Revenue Officer at Certes.

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