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“Empowering Women into Leadership Roles is Crucial for Outperforming Rivals”

Polina Anokhina, the METCAP Region Director at Logitech, says by promoting an inclusive culture, we ensure team collaboration, innovation, and excellence, where every employee feels respected, supported, and valued

How can companies empower more women into leadership roles to outperform rivals? Do you believe there is a need to bridge divides in gender equality attitudes across generations?
Logitech believes that empowering more women into leadership roles is crucial for outperforming rivals. By promoting an inclusive culture, we ensure team collaboration, innovation, and excellence, where every employee feels respected, supported, and valued. This environment is pivotal for nurturing women leaders. Bridging divides in gender equality attitudes across generations requires creating opportunities for all and fostering a culture of continuous learning and development.

Logitech’s #WomenWhoMaster campaign promotes gender balance, diversity, and equality in tech by spotlighting female leaders in STEM fields monthly. It celebrates their achievements, shares their stories, and provides career tips to inspire the next generation.

Logitech is also committed to empowering women into leadership roles and bridging the gender equality divides across generations, not only through its DEI initiatives but also by creating products that are specifically designed with women in mind. An example of this commitment is reflected in their global celebration of International Women’s Day and Women’s History Month through panels hosted by inspiring women within Logitech. These panels provide insights and expertise on addressing the needs of women tech consumers, highlighting products that cater to or are developed with women’s preferences and requirements in mind.

According to you what are the top three tips to build inclusive cultures to make people belong and be more engaged?

  1. Promote Inclusive Leadership: Building a company culture that promotes inclusive leadership is key. This involves ensuring that our environment fosters team collaboration, innovation, and excellence, where every employee feels respected, supported, and valued
  2. Empower Underrepresented Groups: Through growing employee resource groups, we help employees from underrepresented backgrounds create community, develop as leaders, share opportunities, and organize participation in local or regional events
  3. Engage Employees: Conducting bi-annual employee engagement surveys allows us to gather feedback on employees’ experiences, including their perspectives on workplace inclusion. This feedback is instrumental in shaping our DEI strategies and ensuring that we are addressing the needs and concerns of all our employees​

How can future generations be inspired to strive for equality and inclusivity?
Future generations can be inspired by demonstrating a commitment to creating a more inclusive and equitable world. Logitech is dedicated to fostering visibility, capability, community, and access for people from underserved or marginalised backgrounds. Moreover, offering a minimum of 18 weeks of fully paid parental leave globally supports new parents, regardless of gender, emphasizing our belief in equality. By embodying these values and practices, we hope to inspire future generations to strive for a world where equality and inclusivity are the norms.

Logitech’s commitment to diversity, equity, and inclusion extends beyond its internal policies to include partnerships and charitable investments that aim at closing the gender gap in tech, supporting diversity among creators and suppliers, and leveraging global Employee Resource Groups (ERGs) to integrate an increasingly diverse workforce. The company’s global recognition as the Google Cloud DEI Partner of the Year in North America for its inclusive product designs and community efforts underlines the importance of collaborative efforts in inspiring future generations.

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