BenQ to Bring Future-Proof ClassroomCare and DustGuard Pro Tech at GESS 2019

BenQ will be featuring its latest cloud based collaboration and interactive solutions for classroom learning at GESS 2019, held from 26 – 28 February at Dubai World Trade Center; exhibiting at Stand G-40. The educational professionals and visitors will be exposed to a healthy learning journey with BenQ’s Future-Proof and Classroom Technology that include Premium Interactive Flat Panels (IFPs) and BlueCore Dustproof Laser Projectors empowering innovation, integration and intelligence that enables the students to lead the world in the Digital Era by learning in a safer and healthier environment.

“GESS is the perfect platform to showcase the innovation and engineering behind our classroom-ready display solutions. Educators have a huge responsibility to use technology in a way that will spark new aptitudes in learning. However, many solutions available are cumbersome to operate, time-consuming to develop content with and can be unhealthy with prolonged use,” said Manish Bakshi, Managing Director at BenQ Middle East & Turkey. “BenQ is the first display company to prioritize healthy learning with thoughtful features that make the display intuitive and help teachers easily achieve goals.”

BenQ’s new UHD interactive flat panel Premium RP series offers “classroom-ready” features and a user-friendly interface. The 4K IFP family includes the 65-inch RP6501K, 75-inch RP7501K and 86-inch RP8601K. The new addition to the Premium panels incorporate an Air-Quality sensor to help monitor CO2 concentration levels in classrooms and reminds teachers to adopt necessary mechanisms to keep CO2 at an ideal level.

This ensures students can remain highly productive during class whilst enjoying a much healthier learning environment. When combined with BenQ’s EZWrite 5.0 software, the IFP becomes a collaborative hub, allowing users to share ideas, notes and opinions and make annotations on screen captures from apps, video, websites, documents and images. Participants can also annotate on the screen from their devices, regardless of their location.

Teachers can download and upload files from the screen to cloud services, such as Google Drive and Dropbox, eliminating the need to use a USB drive for accessing files. BenQ has also introduced X-Sign Broadcast for School, a Cloud-based Notification System only on BenQ IFP for Instant & Scheduled Messaging & fast multi-channel notifications.

BenQ’s new range of IFP also features InstaQShare software, which is designed for seamless wireless presentation and collaboration. It allows for smooth streaming of both visual and audio files, including HD quality video, plus users can mirror content from mobile devices. The range also supports multi-touch capability up to 20 points, allowing more students to participate in discussion and engage in activities.

In order to facilitate the process of device and user account management for both end users and IT staff, Account Management System (AMS) is designed to manage unlimited user accounts and device settings on the cloud for BenQ Interactive Flat Panels. AMS also allows end users to access their personalized workspace environment and settings on any IFP that they have logged into, and the process could be further accelerated with BenQ designed NFC cards without typing account names and passwords.

Other features include:

  • Eye-care technology that senses when someone is close to the screen, to activate “flicker-free” and “low blue light” features;
  • Germ-resistance; the screen uses an antimicrobial coating to kill germs accumulating on the surface and lessen the risk of cross-infection;
  • Dual pens to enable two users to write or draw simultaneously with different colors. Within Brush Mode, participants can also use a physical paintbrush to meld technology and art. Without having to switch modes, a handwriting recognition feature converts written text, numbers, forms and drawings into digital text;
  • Tighter touch resolution, to reduce the gap that shows up between the landing point and the display point; and
  • Voice Assistant, to let teachers control the flow of the class, such as starting the timer or searching the internet from wherever they are in the classroom. Teachers can run the IFP through voice control or remote control.
  • Two front-facing 16W speakers create better sound transmission and bring more audio-visual enjoyment to interactive learning.
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