Hisense Gears Up for MEA Growth

Hisense, a major player in home appliances and consumer electronics, is setting its sights on even bigger things in the Middle East and Africa (MEA) region. The company’s chairman, Jia Shaoqian, recently visited Dubai to meet with key partners and unveil ambitious plans for future growth.

Hisense boasts impressive growth in the MEA region, with revenue doubling since 2019 and brand value surging by over 120%. “Hisense is committed to bringing groundbreaking technology and high-tech innovation to households in the Middle East and Africa to uplift consumers’ lives. Our growth in this region is a testament to our commitment, and we are excited to continue building on this success,” said Jia Shaoqian, Hisense Group Chairman.

He continued, “Hisense is at a critical growth phase in its lifecycle, and soon we will become a leading global force within the industry. To accelerate this, we are expanding our core business foundations such as investment in technology innovation, R&D centres, expansion of global production bases, global brand-building sponsorship initiatives, enhancing our service network, and amplifying efficiencies in supply chain and logistics.”

Hisense plans to solidify its foundation for further growth through strategic investments. These include:

  • Technology and R&D: Continued innovation is key.
  • Global Production Expansion: New production bases will be established.
  • Brand Building: Sponsorships and marketing initiatives will raise brand awareness.
  • Service Network Enhancement: Improved customer service across the region.
  • Supply Chain and Logistics Optimization: Streamlining efficiency for faster delivery.

Hisense’s commitment extends to a state-of-the-art R&D centre in Dubai, developing products specifically for MEA consumers. Furthermore, a new production facility is planned for Egypt in late 2024, aiming to improve distribution, create local jobs, and contribute to regional economic growth.

“With the diversity and dynamic environment in the widely spread MEA region, working closely with our partners in the Middle East and Africa is key to our success. This collaboration allows us to develop local strategies that leverage their expertise and market knowledge. Our goal is to create outstanding experiences and strengthen our connection with both partners and consumers in this vibrant region,” said Jason Ou, President of Hisense MEA.

Hisense’s strategic initiatives are designed to create a deeper connection with MEA customers. By investing locally, fostering partnerships, and delivering cutting-edge technology, Hisense is well-positioned to grab a larger market share and solidify its leadership in the region’s home appliance and consumer electronics market.

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