AOC Launches Two New G1 Series Gaming Displays With Curved Screens

AOC has launched two new gaming monitors, designed for gamers who want to play at a competitive level but at a value price: AOC C24G1 (23.6”) and C27G1 (27”). Playing any game at a high level demands strong monitor performance. AOC G1 monitors come with pro gaming anti-lag and anti-stutter measures like AMD FreeSync, 144Hz refresh rate and Low Input Lag (which decreases delay between video source and display).

Additionally, AOC G1 displays feature fast VA screen technology with 1ms Moving Picture Response Time (MPRT). The MPRT standard is a highly accurate way to measure visible motion blur based on pixel visibility time. This is achieved by an intuitive display feature that automatically modulates backlight intensity between image refreshes – hiding any jagged image refresh lags and reducing unseemly motion blur.

This ensures you can stay ahead of the competition: land that precise headshot on a moving target in FPS games without confusion, perfectly dodge that last-second AOE attack from a boss in an MMORPG raid, or turn that corner smoothly in any racing game – no matter how fast you’re going.

AOC G1 monitors provide an intense gaming experience with a curved screen and sleek narrow bezel. Flicker-Free and Low Blue Mode technologies ensure your eyes are protected from potential strain and harm, even if you game for long hours into the night.

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