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Outlook 2020: Increased Investment in Hybrid Clouds and Emergence of AI-Powered Autonomous Datacenters

Written by Dheeraj Pandey, Co-Founder & CEO of Nutanix, and Rajiv Mirani, CTO of Nutanix

At the start of 2020, two top executives from Nutanix share their vision of major technology trends that will shape the industry this year.

Dheeraj Pandey, Co-founder & CEO of Nutanix:

  • Subscription models will become the norm for cloud vendors and the IT industry as a whole. In 2020, more businesses will continue to make this long-term investment and transition to offering subscription plans in order to offer customers the convenience and customizability they require to grow. Not only will vendors embrace subscription, but consumers will also benefit from asset-lite business models.  
  • Beyond the IT industry, I expect zero companies — with anything other than a subscription business model — will go public in 2020 and beyond.  
  • Blockchain will transform digital transactions. In 2020, more businesses will embrace blockchain for digital transactions because of its ability to decrease errors and improve overall efficiency. By optimizing transactions, blockchain will help businesses become more efficient and increase value for customers 

Rajiv Mirani, CTO of Nutanix:

  • In 2020, we will increasingly see CIOs shift from a cloud-first strategy to a cloud-smart strategy. This trend will be driven by a combination of business reasons (primarily cost), and technical reasons, such as security and performance. 
  • Enterprises will continue to invest in hybrid cloud and look for greater interoperability between private and public clouds for all workloads, including legacy as well as cloud-native. Customers will begin to look to vendors who can offer software to run any workload on any location without the burden of rearchitecting or refactoring applications.
  • One of the biggest challenges IT leaders will face in 2020 is data mobility. In light of compliance policies and data sovereignty laws, such as CCPA and GDPR, it is critical for companies to account for legal compliance in how their data is mobilized among clouds. 
  • Speaking of mobility, another key challenge impacting IT leaders in 2020 will be application mobility between clouds due to differences in licensing and consumption models between private and public clouds. To address this challenge, enterprises will look to vendors with uniform licensing policies to optimize application mobility. 
  • The private cloud will continue evolving to look more like a public cloud with an increased focus on automation. 2020 will mark the emergence of AI-powered autonomous datacentres.
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