HID Throws the Spotlight on Cloud-Based Access Control Tech

Wisam Yaghmour, the Regional Director for Sales of Physical Access Control at HID, speaks to Arabian Reseller about their participation at Intersec 2020

What did you showcase at Intersec 2020?
At Intersec 2020, we focused on HID Origo, a cloud platform to help partners create a more seamless and intuitive workplace built on HID’s access control architecture. As HID, we wanted to bridge physical security to building applications, services, and IoT use cases via a unified cloud experience.

The new platform embeds cloud connections and IoT functionality as app extensions into mobile devices, HID readers and controllers. This gives developers direct access to the hardware, using HID application programming interfaces (APIs) and software developer kits (SDK).

The platform is available as a subscription-based service, making it easier for companies to order and manage mobile IDs while at the same time forecasting, budgeting and reporting. Subscription licenses can be transferred across employees and multiple IDs can be registered onto multiple devices at no additional cost.

HID Origo lays the foundation for a broad ecosystem of cloud-based access control technologies, products, services and business models that will accelerate workplace innovation. It also dramatically increases our partners’ capabilities to create more connected and seamless building experiences for end-users.

The platform will remove integration barriers between access control systems and smart building applications, and we will continue to expand its value with capabilities that further improve how people securely move through a facility and interact with its services.

So do companies understand the value of these solutions? Are they adopting such solutions?
If you see today, many companies are connected online and offline. They do understand the importance of identity and access management. These days most of us have various applications on our smartphones including the apps we use for banking, financial transactions and so on.

The beauty of our solution is that it also resides through an app on your smartphone. And the good thing is that the app is more secure. Previously people used to carry access cards, which you could easily lose or misplace. Anyone with that access card could have access to your workplace easily.

How secure is your Origo system?
Now, say if you lost your smartphone or misplaced it, no one can have access to your identity, because the device is locked. You also have two-factor authentication on the app, and hence, it becomes difficult for anyone to unlock your device.

HID Origo offers a scalable and secure infrastructure that ensures top-tier service delivery. Not only does this framework provide guaranteed performance, it allows for higher data and privacy protection than can be found with traditional on-premise solutions.

HID Origo is also validated by industry-leading certifications, including ISO 27001, EU GDPR and CIS benchmarks. Even more, HID Origo offers a committed service availability of at least 99.5% uptime.

What sort of demand have you seen for the HID Origo platform?
It all depends on the region – we see a major demand from developed countries. And it is not a major challenge to get those companies onboard since most of the employees in the organisation have got smartphones and hence, it becomes easier for them to implement the solution.

But if we go for developing markets, the challenge is deploying the technology behind our solution and the support for devices that can deliver our solutions. So, the first challenge is to have the infrastructure in place for the devices and the second challenge is to adopt and implement a cloud solution.

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