Video Surveillance is Moving Beyond the Traditional Approach

Fadi Kanafani, the Managing Director and General Manager for Middle East at NetApp, speaks to Arabian Reseller about their participation at Intersec 2020

Which products and solutions did you showcase at Intersec 2020‭?‬
So at the booth at Intersec 2020‭, ‬we showcased three alliance partners‭ – ‬Axis being the best in breed when it comes to a camera‭ ‬provider‭. ‬They have great cameras that we have integrated into our storage solution with those products for a long time‭, ‬and have a long relationship‭. ‬Then Milestone‭, ‬I guess I do not have to talk a lot about Milestone‭. ‬They have awesome VMS solutions as well‭. ‬

And we have had good integration on the platforms as we work very closely with them‭, ‬too‭. ‬More importantly now‭, ‬we have started‭ ‬working with Atos for quite some time‭, ‬but now we are introducing a new product that will integrate artificial intelligence into‭ ‬the video surveillance feed‭. ‬What we are showcasing is a system that would allow you to have real-time information being analysed from the video surveillance feed‭.‬

So is video surveillance moving beyond just physical security applications‭?‬
Yes‭, ‬absolutely‭. ‬In the past‭, ‬video surveillance was passive‭. ‬If an incident happened‭, ‬you’d look at your video feeds or the video wall‭, ‬and then try to understand and define something‭. ‬Today‭, ‬we are using intelligent solutions and intelligent applications‭. ‬So video surveillance has become an intelligent solution that helps companies drive physical security as a means to even drive‭ ‬business decisions‭. ‬

Through these solutions‭, ‬companies can know more about their customers and then find out the trends that are driving the market‭. ‬So when a customer walks into a mall‭, ‬our intelligent solutions can help you understand‭, ‬which shop the customer stopped at‭, ‬what were they looking at‭, ‬which products they bought and so on‭. ‬So video surveillance solutions were only focused on the physical security aspect‭. ‬But now‭, ‬with intelligent applications‭, ‬it has gone much further beyond and we are able to help customers analyse their data‭.‬

What sort of market outlook do you see for 2020‭?‬
We see the demand is on the rise‭, ‬coming from various industry sectors‭. ‬So‭, ‬the demand is coming through organic growth‭, ‬wherein‭ ‬customers in the enterprise want to drive growth and profitability‭. ‬Another area is from areas where the government has mandated that companies need to adopt physical security solutions‭. ‬This is enforced through guidelines and specifications set by the local municipalities for properties such as hotels‭, ‬educational institutes‭, ‬hospitals and so on‭.‬

We also see demand from companies that till now were using old analogue solutions‭. ‬These companies have started seeing the value‭ ‬in intelligent security solutions and now want to get into the digital transformation mode‭. ‬So these companies are moving their‭ ‬already existing legacy solutions to digital‭, ‬thereby enabling analytics‭, ‬intelligence‭, ‬and so on‭.‬

What learnings have you had from 2019‭, ‬and what would you like to do differently this year‭?‬
NetApp is a leader in data management and be it on-premises or on the cloud‭. ‬When it comes to video surveillance‭, ‬it’s a different buyer that you engage with‭. ‬And also from the channel point of view‭, ‬it’s a different channel ecosystem that you work with‭, ‬different consultants‭, ‬and so on‭. ‬

So it’s a consulting-based business‭. ‬So if you look at the customers‭, ‬they are very different from a traditional data center customer‭. ‬So we are upskilling our team to understand those buyers‭, ‬thus establishing the right ecosystem around it from a channel‭ ‬point of view‭.‬

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