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Three Ways an Indoor Camera Offers Peace of Mind

Heading back to the office after #WFH? An indoor camera can help ease the transition for family and pets alike, says Mohammad Meraj Hoda, Vice President of Business Development – Middle East and Africa at Ring

For those who are currently used to the unique rhythm of working from home (#WFH, as it’s referred to on social media), even the thought of going back to a 9-to-5 routine can be disconcerting. More so if you’re leaving family or pets at home for extended periods of time, after they’d gotten used to having you around all day.

Although some may heave a sigh of relief to have a bit of “me time”, there are several occasions when you may need to check in with what’s going on at home. You may want to see if your kids have gotten home from school on time and have eaten something, whether an older parent has taken their medication, or if your pets aren’t too upset at being left alone.

For many UAE residents, indoor video cameras can help ease the long daily separation. This is 2020, after all, and physical location shouldn’t have to present any limitations to communication and peace of mind. Whether for humans or animals, there are several ways that home video cameras can help ease that separation anxiety for both parties – with a few added benefits.

Check in on things at home
Consumers around the world have been using Ring Video Doorbells to remotely monitor their homes, to check in on their pets, and even to confirm that their kids got home. That inspired Jamie Siminoff, Ring’s founder, to create a dedicated indoor device that serves these customers. Ring’s new Indoor Cam is a mini marvel that plugs into the tightest spaces so you can simply check on what’s happening at home from anywhere and at any time – all from your smartphone. Perhaps you want to see if your teenage kids are getting to their homework, or if there’s a stressful event responsible for your cat’s unsettled behavior while you’re away. A quick check is easy with a compact indoor camera.

Talk to family and flat mates
In one of those wonderful technological developments that prove we really do live in the 21st century, the best indoor cameras now come equipped with two-way conversation features, allowing you to connect and communicate with those at home from wherever you are. With their high-quality audio, Ring’s indoor cameras are just like a video call – only better. By checking the Ring app from your office, your car or anywhere else, you can converse with your kids, the domestic helper, or even your pets! It’s peace of mind for everyone.

Get alerted to unusual activity
Since they can be activated by certain movements, most indoor cameras can alert you to abnormal activity within your home. Market leading products, such as those now available to order from Ring, for example, will instantly send you a phone notification when motion is detected. With a couple of indoor cameras in strategic places – perhaps in the hallway, in the living room, or elsewhere – you’ll immediately be alerted to anything atypical.

So, whether you’ve got to work late to catch up on all those post-coronavirus targets, or if you’re on a site visit to another part of the Emirates, the right indoor camera keeps you calm and in control. Nothing can entirely replace your physical presence, but technology can help you, your family, and even your fur babies to adjust to the back-to-office season more easily.

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