Pure Storage Launches Pure1 Digital Experience and Portworx Enterprise 2.8

Pure Storage has announced the new and improved Pure1 Digital Experience. These enhancements give customers additional control by delivering new automated monitoring and AI-driven recommendation capabilities with self-service management and digital procurement.

Similar to how Pure redefined the business models that underpin storage infrastructure with Evergreen and Pure as-a-Service, the Pure1 Digital Experience is redefining the rest of the IT ownership experience, enabling IT teams to anticipate needs, acquire resources on their terms (and on their time frames) while eliminating risks to the business — around purchasing, data protection, and customer satisfaction.

“Pure has always innovated for a better customer experience — an experience that is simple and streamlined with unparalleled support. By giving our customers more control over their environments and active recommendations for solving problems before they happen, we’re delivering on our Digital Experience vision and transforming the IT management experience yet again,” said Prakash Darji, VP and GM, Digital Experience, Pure Storage.

Pure1’s AI-engine Meta delivers predictive service management that proactively identifies issues and prescribes resolutions so that issues are resolved before they become outages. Now, Meta can identify gaps in your strategy for safeguarding data. Key updates include:

  • Intelligent monitoring and management of all data service platforms, whether on-premises FlashArray or FlashBlade, cloud-native on Portworx, or through Pure Cloud Block Store for AWS and Microsoft Azure.
  • Predictive fault analysis and resolution using analytics gathered from across Pure’s ecosystem – including VMs and containers – to quickly pinpoint potential challenges.
  • Assessments for ransomware protection, with proactive recommendations for solutions like SafeMode snapshots.
  • Real-time troubleshooting using new search capability across storage and VMs.

The new Pure1 Digital Experience not only tracks how resources are being used, but forecasts what will happen if you add or move workloads. Using AI, the planning capabilities of Pure1 delivers smart workload planning with recommendations on workload capacity and performance scaling. It also uses predictive analytics and alerting to ensure IT organizations meet SLAs and keep workloads operating in a healthy state, and is monitored by the Pure team to support pre-emptive service calls.

With the expanded offers in Pure1 service catalog, users have full access to the broadest range of on-premise and hybrid cloud storage offerings and professional services from a single interface. Through this self-service catalog, customers can:

  • Buy new systems and services – including Pure as-a-Service, Portworx, and Pure Cloud Block Store – or expand their as-a-service footprint on demand, whether on premises or in the cloud via AWS or Azure.
  • Order from a rich set of professional services like advisory workshops, migration services, implementation strategy, and 3rd party software integration services.
  • Quote, order, and track new system additions from anywhere.
  • Manage Pure as-a-Service subscriptions with easy add, upgrade, suspend, resume, limit, and renew functions.
  • Schedule upgrades at your convenience, with pre-checks done automatically.

Pure Storage has also announced the release of Portworx Enterprise 2.8. With new integrations across Pure’s portfolio of products and services and with VMware Tanzu, customers can now use Portworx to scale their Kubernetes usage to greater levels with unprecedented simplicity. With new capabilities such as dynamic storage provisioning on FlashArray and FlashBlade, and unified visibility and support via Pure1, Portworx enables containerized workloads to run seamlessly across the cloud, bare metal infrastructure, Pure Storage arrays, and even competitive storage solutions.

Gartner predicts that by 2025, 40% of infrastructure and operations leaders will implement hybrid cloud storage architectures, up from 15% in 2021. As customers adopt hybrid cloud strategies, they still need a consistent environment to run their modern applications. That means they need the same level of storage and data management capabilities, regardless of if they are in the cloud, or on-premises. With the latest release of Portworx Enterprise 2.8, customers get the same cloud-like experience for Kubernetes apps wherever they live, with broad Kubernetes ecosystem support.

The 2.8 release of Portworx Enterprise goes significantly beyond the capabilities offered by other storage solutions who are limited to the “connector” approach facilitated by the Kubernetes Container Storage Interface (CSI), resulting in least common denominator features and limited scale. With a Kubernetes-native software approach built to support enterprise levels of scale and resiliency, Portworx combines cloud-native storage management and data protection services with best-of-breed Pure Storage FlashArray and FlashBlade for seamless deployment. Now when users provision container-native volumes through Portworx, storage volumes or file systems are automatically created on FlashArray and FlashBlade. This allows true storage-as-code, as volumes and file systems can be provisioned using Kubernetes without the need to directly interface with the backing storage arrays.

Container-native volumes receive the full suite of Portworx container storage management features, including backup, disaster recovery, security, auto-scaling, and migration – features that aren’t tied to hardware and travel with the containerized application as it moves between on-prem and cloud deployments. With this new integration, customers can manage their modern applications in a Kubernetes-native way, while taking advantage of the enterprise capabilities of their Pure arrays such as deduplication and compression, achieving data reduction levels up to 10:1 depending on workload and a demonstrated 99.9999% reliability across 40,000+ arrays.

With the latest Portworx release, Kubernetes cluster and volume usage metrics collected by Portworx will be sent to Pure1, providing a unified observability stack and support experience for a customer’s Kubernetes applications with Portworx in the Pure1 portal, allowing customer to see their deployments end-to-end and troubleshoot issues with Kubernetes applications. Additionally, as Pure1 collects data necessary to understand deployment patterns, it enables customers to benefit from the predictive support capabilities of Pure1, powered by the Meta® AI engine, which aims to detect anomalies and suggest resolution advice before issues become outages. With Portworx fully integrated with the global Pure support organization, this end-to-end data gives a highly-trained support team the tools necessary to provide market-leading predictive support to all Portworx customers.

PX-Backup was validated to work with FlashBlade – Pure’s unified fast file and object platform – to provide high-performance backup and recovery of Kubernetes-based workloads. By combining PX-Backup with FlashBlade, customers can protect their entire Kubernetes applications, including data and configuration, and benefit from FlashBlade rapid restore of up to 270 TB/hour. Pure released a Reference Architecture for this solution, which will be the first of many validated solutions.

The latest release extends Portworx support for leading Kubernetes platforms with addition of VMware Tanzu (TKG) support via the native Tanzu CSI driver. This means that customers can benefit from container-granular data management such as backup & recovery, encryption, and migration regardless of the storage backing their VMware environment including with vSAN, VVols, and VMFS datastores, or cloud block storage providers. Additionally, with Portworx Enterprise 2.8 supporting the latest CSI specification, Portworx can provide a consistent, Kubernetes-native experience for applications running on any enterprise storage that supports CSI.

With this release, Pure FlashArray and FlashBlade customers can use Portworx Enterprise 2.8 to achieve the highest levels of performance, scale, automation, data protection, and data security for production applications running on Kubernetes. For customers starting their Kubernetes journey without all of these advanced requirements, they can take advantage of a new offer starting this summer. Pure’s first generation Kubernetes offering, Pure Service Orchestrator (PSO), will become a part of Portworx Essentials, Portworx’s freemium offering, to provide customers with a unified storage orchestration offering for Kubernetes.

The new Portworx Essentials offering enables widespread use for customers using FlashArray and FlashBlade and is both included and fully-supported in a customer’s Evergreen subscription or Pure as-a-Service subscription with more functionality than the current PSO. Additionally, customers can easily upgrade to Portworx Enterprise for additional security, data protection, and scale, while continuing to benefit from the deep integration with Pure. PSO will remain supported through the end of January 2022 at which point all customers will have to be transitioned to Portworx.

“Pure and Portworx together are redefining what storage for modern, cloud-native applications looks like. By delivering storage that can be orchestrated entirely through Kubernetes, Pure is delivering a seamless hybrid cloud experience and changing outcomes for customers,” said Murli Thirumale, VP and GM, Cloud Native Business Unit, Pure Storage.

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