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GITEX Global 2022: Nokia to Help Enterprises Maximize the Tech Benefits by Breaking Boundaries

Rima Manna, the VP for Middle East Business at Nokia, says the next digitalization era is here

Which products and solutions will you be showcasing at the event?
Nokia will exhibit the latest innovations for the benefit of CSP customers and enterprises in various verticals like oil and gas, and transport including aviation, shipping, health, and education sectors. Our engagement with ICT stakeholders will exchange trends and concepts as well as future potential growth areas and opportunities with our Technology Vision 2030. As 5G has been largely deployed in the region, there is a lot of interest in what is happening beyond 5G. We want to answer the question of what 5G Advanced will enable and what the drivers are for 6G.

  1. We will present Nokia’s Technology Vision 2030 for the future of consumer and enterprise services
  2. Exhibit our industrial-grade networking solutions designed to help improve workplace safety, increase productivity, and become more efficient
  3. Help stakeholders break the boundaries to deliver any service to any endpoint with the latest broadband solutions
  4. Discuss with CSPs how to deliver uncompromised performance for urban, rural, and in-building networks through our latest innovative mobile networking solutions
  5. Explore with customers how to create the best possible customer experience across every home with seamless WiFi
  6. Showcase how to overcome key challenges in 5G, broadband growth, and Industry 4.0 deployment and evolution with Nokia IP network technology innovation and products/solutions.

What are your expectations from the event this year?
GITEX has always been an important platform for Nokia to showcase our latest innovations in telecom network technologies for the telecom industry and enterprises. GITEX 2022 is even more important for us to connect with industry stakeholders such as telecom operators, regulators, enterprises, and partners, as people are coming out of the COVID-19 pandemic-imposed restrictions.

GITEX is one of the biggest technology shows in the region, and we are excited to present truly innovative solutions to help CSPs and enterprises maximize the technology benefits by breaking boundaries with our solutions.

What will be your theme of participation at GITEX?
Ready 4.0 Anything: Take your business wherever you want it to go, Purpose-designed networks built for Industry 4.0 digitalization and beyond. The next digitalization era is here.

It’s unleashing infinite new possibilities for industries, governments, and cities that dream of building a more agile, digital, resilient, and sustainable future. Imagine being able to re-design your physical operations in real-time, optimizing for efficiency, productivity, and safety, then putting it all into action with the click of a button. What if you could operate more effectively, meeting both your business and sustainability goals, while maintaining the continuity of your operations, no matter how markets shift, or environmental conditions change?

Digital technologies are transforming industries and governments into Ready 4.0 Anything operations, powered by Nokia’s mission-, business- and society-critical networks. Our network solutions are purpose-designed to meet your unique industry needs. It’s time to realize your most ambitious goals… with #NoBoundaries.

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