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Where Does ChatGPT Fit in Your Organisation?

ChatGPT is a viral sensation and we’re just at the beginning. Open AI’s ChatGPT is a cutting-edge AI technology that serves as an online chat interface. It uses natural language processing (NLP) and deep learning to process and respond to input prompts. What stands out the most about ChatGPT is that it is open to the public and accessible to all.

Although ChatGPT has been blowing up in popularity recently, its long-term impact is yet to be seen. There’s been plenty of speculation about ChatGPT overhauling the way we do things in business—from customer service to sales and marketing—and can easily replace traditional chatbots.

Moreover, what one must understand is that ChatGPT is not a tool that knows it all. The accuracy of ChatGPT is still under scrutiny. Large amounts of data are fed into the system, allowing it to string words in a seemingly meaningful way. However, it is trained to be read as natural-sounding human language, not to be factually correct. So while ChatGPT shows short-term promise for handling simple interactions, the reality of a full-fledged AI assistant is still off in the distance.

Applications of ChatGPT
Let’s run down a list of business operations where ChatGPT can lend assistance or overhaul the process.

The launch of ChatGPT spread existential dread among programmers. ChatGPT can scan through numerous lines of code in minutes and rectify errors, making it much more efficient than human coders. It also can generate boilerplate code and build applications, allowing the developers to work on intensive functions such as cybersecurity or optimizing the IT infrastructure.

Customer service
Existing online chatbots resolve repetitive queries effectively, however, they aren’t as powerful as ChatGPT’s ability to converse with customers with personalized predictive answers that are human-like.

Sales and marketing
ChatGPT can aid in effective lead generation and close deals by guiding customers through the buying process. It can also offer valuable insights that allow sales and marketing teams to make informative decisions and optimize the business strategy.

Its ability to summarize large texts and generate essays on various topics elevates the workload of a copywriter. While editing and some types of writing require a human copywriter, easier tasks such as content for social media, product descriptions, and guides can be done by utilizing ChatGPT.

ChatGPT translates large texts coherently and allows human translators to dedicate their time to intensive tasks like documentation, which might be hard for AI to interpret.

Where does ChapGPT stand for business right now?
ChatGPT possesses helpful use cases, however, it isn’t the most accurate AI tool in the industry right now. Nevertheless, ChatGPT has the potential to transform the way we interact and become far more advanced than traditional chatbots.

From an enterprise IT perspective, ManageEngine’s AI-enabled solutions continue to prove their worth as they make IT admins’ lives easier by automating help desk operations, providing real-time insights about potential security incidents, offering conversational assistance, and providing preemptive solutions to customers’ problems using predictive analysis. These solutions provide value now, rather than relying on future developments to be business-ready.

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