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Cyber Security Cannot be an Afterthought

Raqmiyat has been in existence for more than 30 years and is part of the Al Ghurair Group. According to Abhijit Mahadik, the Director for Infrastructure and Cyber Security for UAE and KSA of the SBS business unit at Raqmiyat, the cyber security threat landscape has been evolving year on year and it is becoming more intense. “We see the threat of the known and the threat of the unknown,” he adds.

Mahadik asserts that in this region, cyber security is a very serious concern for customers and hence they ensure that they are protected in every possible way. He adds that infrastructure market is shrinking because companies are latching onto the cloud model. “However, companies do need to secure their data and users and hence we have seen a tremendous growth over the years in this area. We work with carefully selected set of vendors and we offer their products to our customers,” says Mahadik.

According to Mahadik, while the threat of the known can be easily managed, it is the threat of the unknown that causes serious security issues. “The threat of the unknown – these are targeted attacks, which previously were not organized. But nowadays it is very organized and hackers know the customer’s behavior, the pattern of the customer’s data movement, and so on,” adds Mahadik.

In addition, since blockchain is getting adapted quickly in the market by large entities and government, security becomes top priority for companies. “Blockchain as a technology already ensures that the encryption of data is done properly and secured properly. It is supposed to be one of the most secured forms of data protection technologies out there on the market. Blockchain will continue to grow in the market and it will certainly have its own importance in the future,” says Mahadik.

However, with every upcoming technologies come new sets of security threats. “Cyber security cannot be an afterthought. Many companies do not think of security solutions before implementing a change in their infrastructure or deploying a new technology. Today, before we implement any change in the market, before we implement blockchain, cloud and so on, we have to first think of cyber security,” adds Mahadik.

Mahadik claims that his company restructured its business last year in such a way that its solutions are more focused towards the cyber security arena. The company will also focus on next-gen infrastructure and cloud portfolio this year. “Since we are system integrators, we work very closely with our clients. We understand their infrastructure very well and hence we are able to suggest changes and additions that can add value. Cyber security needs to be the base of every technology implementation. That is how it will be successful. If it is an afterthought, it will be a failure,” concludes Mahadik.

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