Review: Motorola DC300GW Dash Cam

Driving on roads can be quite challenging, especially with lots of tailgaters around. In addition, there are hit and run cases wherein someone hits your car carelessly and does not bother to stop to report the incident. Even when you are not driving, someone could actually damage your car in the parking lot while reversing or on their way out of the parking lot. In such a scenario, you would never have footage for an insurance claim to prove there indeed was a second party involved.

During such instances, one device that can come to your rescue by recording such instances is a dashcam. Motorola is the latest entrant in the dash cams arena in the region, and the company sent us its latest MDC300GW dash cam to try out. The MDC300GW dash cam can record footage at a full HD resolution of 1080p at a frame rate of 30fps. The device features a 3-inch display and a 2.19-megapixel Sony sensor.

The Motorola DC300GW dash cam also features Wi-Fi and GPS receiver to log location and speed data. The device offering a 150° field of view this letting you capture the road and its surroundings. You also get an automatic collision detection sensor (G-Sensor) that warns you for lane departures and forward collisions.

The entire footage is autosaved on micro SD cards with the device supporting memory cards with storage capacities of up to 32GB. The DC300GW dash cam also features a built-in speaker and microphone, and a low lux sensor for better night vision. Inside the box, you get the DC300GW dash cam, a suction holder, a car charger, and the user manual.

The dashcam can be paired with the Hubble Connected Dashcam app, which is available for both Apple and Android devices. The app can then be used for in-app live viewing and playback. You can even manage the device’s settings through the app on your smartphone.

The overall build quality and design of the dashcam is very good. The quality of the footage recorded by the dashcam is quite good, too. However, one thing that is sort of a niggle is the way the micro SD gets inserted into the device. Once you have inserted the micro SD into the device, it is quite difficult to eject the micro SD from the slot, unless you really pry it out using a tool like a flat screwdriver. It would have helped if Motorola had thought of adding a quick-release switch or something to the device to quickly release the micro SD.

For a price of AED 400, the Motorola DC300GW Dash Cam is priced a bit on the higher side. But, if you are looking for features such as in-app live viewing and playback capabilities, low lux sensor for night vision, lane departure and forward collisions warnings, the Motorola DC300GW Dash Cam could be one of the options you could look at.

Price: AED 400

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