Lenovo SSG Empowers Customer’s Success

We spoke with Thibault Dousson, the Director of SSG for META at Lenovo, about the value proposition that SSG brings to the table

So can you please introduce yourself and your role?
My name is Thibault Dousson, and I work for Lenovo as the Head of the SSG, which is the Solutions and Services Group, for the Middle East, Turkey and Africa region.

Can you tell us more about SSG and what is it that they do?
Lenovo’s Solutions and Services Group (SSG) brings together our entire IT solutions portfolio. This includes hardware, software, and services – from PCs and data centre equipment to managed services and as-a-service options. We also incorporate sustainable practices into our offerings, helping customers achieve their environmental goals.

So in the Lenovo ecosystem, where does SSG fall under?
Lenovo is organised into three main business units: Intelligent Devices Group (IDG), Infrastructure Solution Group (ISG), and Solutions and Services Group (SSG). IDG focuses on hardware such as PCs, while ISG handles data centre equipment. SSG, where I work, provides a unique value proposition by offering services and solutions that complement both IDG and ISG offerings.

What are some of the solutions that SSG provides on the market?
Lenovo SSG offers a comprehensive range of services and solutions, categorised to meet your specific needs.

  1. Standard Services and Solutions: This category focuses on hardware support, including warranty extensions, accidental damage protection, premier support options, and maintenance contracts.
  2. Advanced Services and Solutions: This category goes beyond basic hardware support, encompassing deployment and configuration services, software services such as security and endpoint management, and image management.
  3. Digital Workplace Solutions: This advanced category offers services to support the modern workplace, including endpoint management, personalized desktop configuration, and potential security solutions. These services can be bundled with a financing model for a complete package.
  4. Sustainability Solutions: SSG stands out by offering services that help customers reduce their environmental impact. This includes asset recovery programs, Device-as-a-Service (DaaS) management for extending device lifespans, and even services promoting energy efficiency, potentially including the Neptune liquid cooling system for data centers.

And how do these products support businesses?
At Lenovo SSG, our mission is to empower our customers’ success. We achieve this by translating their vision into actionable solutions that address today’s pressing business challenges. These challenges include navigating security threats, integrating AI, embracing sustainability, and adopting as-a-service models. Businesses are often resource-constrained, making these transformations daunting. SSG acts as a trusted advisor, helping customers understand how these trends impact their specific region and develop strategies to overcome them.

Our vision goes beyond simply providing IT services. We aim to maximise the output of our customer’s IT environment. This allows them to focus on their core competencies, innovate more effectively, and ultimately delight their customers. We essentially free them to focus on their core business by taking care of the IT infrastructure and ensuring they extract maximum value from it.

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